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Update on aristocrat mini DX cigar humidor

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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aristocrat mini DX cigar humidor with set it and forget it update 9 months later


  1. cigar take care like baby. burn down money .

  2. I will be posting a new video when I receive my new aristocrat MPlus 25D …. Stay tuned

  3. Nice collection Man you need to do a longer video

  4. Hmmm interesting, are you sure it's mould and not plum ? If it wipes away as easy as your saving I would say it's plum and that's a good thing, I would have to see a picture , is this on the wrapper only? or on the foot ….. I only use distilled water and maintain a 65 to 68 RH …. It's 67 to 68 at the bottom and 66 to 65 on the top where my pull out drawers are not a big deal … Now as for the beeds I'm not to crazy about them , in the winter I'm ok with my set up BUT in the summer I had an issue for a week where we had temperatures of almost 40 degrees outside and even though I have central air my humidity in my humidor spiked to 72 I put in 6x 65RH boveda bags and that really controlled my humidity to bring it back down to 68 to 65 , I know a lot of people might say 72 is still good but for me personally I like to keep things constant and 65 to 68 the cigars age great and burn great , that's just my personal choice , hope that helps, I'll be posting more videos soon

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