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United Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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United Cigars built their company around amazing blends at affordable prices. The United Robusto is just $5, and in this review, we’ll see if this stick’s blend can beat its affordability.

Total Smoking time: 1hr 2min
Tim’s rating: 89
Shelf Price: $5

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  1. I am currently smoking this exact cigar in my Bada-Bing Cigar Lounge. I am on the first third, so far it's okay at best. I'm not really digging the flavors too much. I'm more of a Maduro guy

  2. I had an idea for a video. You could make a list of cigars everyone should try and just tell us why you picked them.

  3. How nice is knowing you Tim likes Brazilian tobacco! I just light one Dona Flor Pro Mata Fina!

  4. Do you guys check the company email? I emailed you guys a while back about a specific box of cigars I wanted and haven't heard a peep.

  5. I had this one a few weeks ago, I picked up the United sampler from TNT Cigars. I wish mine was as good as yours, it was one of the worst tasting cigars I ever had, maybe I got a bad batch, who knows. From first light it was bitter, I tried to fight through it, but I couldn't even get through half the stick. Same experience with the Pencil natural and the Fleur De La Reine.

  6. Dude! Your vids are on point, informative yet enjoyable to watch, polished yet approachable, slimy yet satisfying…… sorry I was watching the lion king with my grandkids. Oh well. Hakuna matata.

  7. Tim i have a question. when smoking long filler cigars you often end up with these huge ashes clinging to the cigar. As neat as they are to look at, if we don't tap them off are we not in a sense toking some air – through – that ash? any idea how that might affect flavour? I'm sure it's negligible but none the less i'm sat with a camacho connecticut robusto wondering whether i should just let the ash go haha

  8. I smoked the Churchill and was not overly impressed. I tried the shade and maduro. Will try again.

  9. I have a United coming in my sampler. Not sure which one but can't wait to try it. Great video Tim and have a great Day.

  10. I'm legit not even kidding, for box pressed sticks, this one is is in my top 3. The United Robusto, in my opinion, a truly great cigar. Now I admit that I haven't had many box pressed cigars so my comparison selection is limited, and I am more of a fan of the lighter colors and flavors, so admittedly there are some great ones that I haven't tried simply because I've got a lighter palate. But for the money,, the quality, the taste, you can't beat these. Especially if one of the greatest cigar guys in the world is offering one of his legendary discounts. Gotta see if I can find the old credit card, grab up a 5 pack for the humidor.

  11. I have a hvc pan caliente, an oliva serie g, and an ogre 660, due in friday, super excited, keep up the good work tim and crew

  12. I love United. It has become the brand you see most in my humidor. Haven't had the bandalero yet but i will be trying it soon. The united is a great smoking, great tasting and great smelling stick. Tim review the whole United line. One long video. You can do it.

  13. I had this one just the other day it was fantastic. United is one of the few Cigars I can just smoke tell there is nothing left.

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