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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Unboxing Cigars from RPMIDAHO

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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  1. Man I really want that shirt. Where can I find it?

  2. Nice one bro! Cracking set of sticks there mate! I need to get me some
    woods time again soon and enjoy a good ‘un! MTFBWY!

  3. Nice Cigars Darren, Welcome to the “Black Lung Club” mate! LOL! ..Tony.

  4. Great stuff mate.

  5. They look nice pal, make sure enjoy them!

  6. Sweet 🙂

  7. how do funky. will you be on the new preppers programme?

  8. nothing like a nice stogie! You need a good whiskey to go with those!

  9. great video matey. gunna have to grab me a cigar soon. 🙂

  10. Eaten them all already???? I bet you were bouncing like Tigger! lol

  11. they look like some seriously good cigars funky….. 🙂

  12. Good stuff man. You’re gonna need a bigger bottle lol. Very nice of all
    three guys. I already sub to Rob. Subbed Jim & Ross now. Cheers Darren.

  13. Great gift BrotherRPMI sent you!! He is such a generous man!! I’m heading
    over to check out the other two channels straight away!! Thanks for sharing
    a great video!!

  14. cool

  15. You can smoke like a chimney now mate lol

  16. Very nice 🙂

  17. Quality ceegars! I love it when a plan comes together.

  18. 9 packs of Skittles AND now 3 great cigars? Living the life Funky!

  19. Hey funky, when you camping with the roach?? Are you gunna be on uk
    preppers 2? Ive been contacted by bullseye tv about it, not sure whether to
    contact them backbor not??? Dont want to look like a nutter lol what do you
    think buddy? Regards jez bugoutbushcraft

  20. glad you liked them

  21. HiYa CigarFunkyMonkey,very nice of Rob to sent you some sigars,I smoked one
    of the kinds I sent you in my latest video in part one,you my friend have a

  22. very cool dude

  23. nice one no better way to relax then with a good smoke and a glass of jack
    d atb alb

  24. YUM!! Enjoy, my fine friend.

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