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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Good little self-defense tool too. lol!

  2. hey todd. take a ziplok bag and fill it with cotton balls,then smear a tub of vaseline in there,in my opinion BEST firestarter ever…wet cold dry snow doesnt matter ! just my two cents,great video

  3. sooner or later the charge will run out    the ferro rod is bullet proof      just find the tinder you need and put a bunch in a water tight container   and good to go  I have multiple  ferro rods in my backpack    soon it will cool off and the hiking will begin

  4. Well,I went to your review because the photo on Cabela's actually made the latch look like it was a windup(I thought cool,no batteries ever).I was surprised to find out from you it WAS a latch,lol.But after watching,I was thankful for your tips because I knew of all of them BUT the duct tape,so I learned something new and useful.Thank You!

  5. question i just got my 2 lighters today in mail so how many 10 second lights can you get on a full charge.

  6. Great review, appreciate the demo and all the extra tips thrown in!

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