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TST : Cigar Smoking

Posted by in Cigar Review

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This is a long ramble about nothing special. Ive been hearing a lot of cigar talk so here is my 2 cents.

cigar monster


  1. Great cigar! Have you tried the T52? Or any of the other Liga line?

  2. What you can’t keep your Kangaroo from eating them you Koala loving, wombat
    shagger. Save those box of tissues for yourself. You are the one that lives
    in OZ after all.

  3. StillDrinking

  4. HEY MR SUMMERS don’t smoke a cigar what will former contestants of DOUBLE
    DARE Think

  5. I watched all the way to the end, but I cannot in good conscience thumbs
    down a video in which I am mentioned. Thanks for the Tarantino-esque
    censorship. Freakin’ hilarious.

  6. Thx dude 😎

  7. Thx My man

  8. Great video as always my friend. Best video I’ve ever thumbed down! I’ll
    have to try one of those No 9s at the next pipe club meet. Take care.

  9. hey there I sometimes go off cigars its one of those things I just stop
    smoking them when this happens and wait till I feel like it again ,

  10. Thanks my man

  11. This video sucked. Lol. Still laughin bruh. Im definately tricker treatin
    thia year lol. Keep at smoke a rollin

  12. Come on man! You think you have a problem with cigars? Come down under and
    see the shit we have to put up with ya big baby!! I’ll send ya a big box of
    tissues to wipe the drool off your chin!! Oh sorry, that was Halloween make
    up? LMFAO!!! What? Too much? LOL! Have a gud one cuz!

  13. This video is fucking awesome man. I was laughing my ass off till the end !
    Great stuff brother !

  14. Great vid. Smoke on.

  15. Its a nice one but can be pricy

  16. What’s with all the dislikes. Shoots, I’ve been having the same thing with
    pipes. Been on a cigar rage lately. Enjoy those Stogies homie! Aloha

  17. hehe Its always fun to go round getting free stuff.

  18. cool ramble buddy

  19. Awesome vid brother

  20. Thx bud 😎

  21. I dont think you will be disapointed. Enjoy my man.

  22. Halloween is awesome. Too many cigars is a good problem to have. I love how
    you censor certain words but not others. I’d wait until you feel like a
    cigar, that way it will taste amazing. Don’t wanna waste a good stick
    ’cause of a funk.

  23. LoL . I can accept that 😎

  24. I have enjoyed acid, Natural and Tabak from Drew Estate. I have a T52 but
    have not lit it yet 😎

  25. Yeah I dont want to waste them while in the funk but if I dont smokem I
    might lose them all to….. idk what. With them splitting and having my
    damn Humidity up over 73 cause its been so damn humid here

  26. Well its all getting Unwrapped now

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