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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Tour Of My Humidor

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Had a few emails and request of a short video of my cigar humidor! Thank You For The Support!

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  1. Nice stash. Maybe I shoud do an own Review some day …probably when Ive been to Barcelona and done some shoping.

  2. Yeah, that's cool. The Gran Habano was my first cigar I ever smoked. Do you smoke Cohiba's ?

  3. Holy smokes!! 77F and 73% RH. There is just no way those cigars are reaching the pinnacle of their potential when their being smoked. I know everybody has their own preferences, but that is just way too warm and too humid. at 77F, the RH should be in the mid 50s. Yes thats right, I said "mid fifties." lol The Davidoff cigar shop in London has a humidor for aging their vintage cigars. They keep it at roughly 55 degrees F and around 60% RH. And these dudes are leading experts on cigars. Personally, I think that the average dude with a climate controlled home (which is likely what is dictating the temp in the humidor), a good place to shoot for is 70 degrees F and no more than 65% RH. That will work BEAUTIFULLY for both aging and smokes you want at the ready for immediate enjoyment. And I have tried everything from Cigar Oasis to beads to gels to this and to that. The absolute BEST product I've ever used (and now use exclusively for all non-cabinet humidors and SWEAR by) is Boveda. You cannot possibly go wrong. For desktops and even medium sized foot locker style humidors, they work unbelievably well and their reliability is matched by none. And no, I am not John Q. Boveda nor do I work for the Boveda company, nor do I have stock options in the Boveda company haha. Its just a damn good product and I'm thankful for it.

    Damn, I hate when people make long ass posts lol 😉

  4. Wow instead of congratulating the man on his inventory you all are mad at him mispronouncing a name.

  5. Great video man thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice tour! You have a great stash. Well done 👍

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