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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Good review this Rene………..I have jarred some Torben Dansk No. 15 Sailors flake after 1 smoke for similar reason's…..quite a lot of faff….and anything more than the slightest sip….flavour gone! (I like DTM baccy……usually)

  2. Hi René,
    I just ordered Black Velvet and it probably should be arriving today around noon time. Torben Dansk is a very popular sub-brand of DTM – Dan Tobacco known for their high quality tobaccos. Of course, there will be no Guinness-flavor. 😉 DTM just mentioned that Black Velvet usualy is a Mix of spicy Guinness and little Champagne. Therefore they combined a spicy Latakia with a sweetish Virginia (50:50) and just a little flavor. You shouldn't expect a high-aromatic! Once I've tried this blend, I also will be making a review about it. I'm pretty sure that it will be more an english blend with a subtle sweetness as a result of the Virginia and the casing…
    Also you should keep in mind that german tobaccos are made for the german market. Most german pipe smokers are using filters! And additional to this, Dan Tobacco uses the best Virginias grades. Smoking Virginias always means that you have to draw carefully and slowly. Otherwise the taste of the tobacco will turn bitterish. Did you vary the pipes, especially the size of the bowl? Many tobaccos need wider bowls to expand…

  3. Hard to enjoy tobaccos that are so tempermental

  4. always informative: could I trouble you to make your top recommendations for a beginner to to test drive?

  5. Thanks for the review my friend, I always love them.

  6. Great video Rene. Really like that meerschaum. Thanks for the heads up on Black Velvet!

  7. Sounds like too much trouble for me to bother with. Congrats on the patience. As for the temperature, we all get used to our little zones, but we're having a really mild winter so far.

  8. You'll have to excuse me for completely changing the subject here (haha) but i have been tempted to get a tattoo just like the one you have on your left arm…

  9. Great video brother, thanks for the review! Take it easy!

  10. Nice video Rene. Have you tried a wider bowl? I've never encountered a blend quite as tempermental as you are dealing with there, but it seems that wide bowls work better for me when I want to keep flavors from being burned away. Take care, Mike.

  11. Hahahaha…..I'm already laughing. Yesterday we set a new high temperature record here with a boiling 15 Celsius (59 F). We even opened all the windows. Neighbour's kids wanted to jump in the pool. Not my kind of baccy; I'm too impatient to sip on that.

  12. Rene, interesting review. I happen to enjoy many of the Euopean aros and yes they are delicate in flavor. Some are easier smoker in porcelain and also in bowl with a wind cap. I know counter-productive right but I have found that the cap actually helps on the relight issue while smoking super slow. Thanks and take care.

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