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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. you’d better smoke pot instead of cancer

  2. that is a beautiful pipe you have.

  3. ive tried 4 of your list. Im waiting on the brown clunee. dunhill flake is
    my fave so far. frog morten is close but they’re just a bit too light
    strength wise but enjoyable.

  4. excellently shared thanks

  5. I’ve been enjoying you posts, really got a lot out of you making a mouth
    piece for your pipes. Listen, if you’ve never done any radio, you give it
    some thought. You’ve a very nice voice, smooth and soothing. You speck
    really well, intelligible and entertaining. And you def have the gift of
    the gab. I loved listening to you. Do some radio, otherwise, you’re
    depriving the world of your gift.

    Great videos, Mate.

  6. who dey

  7. Joe did you ever finish the Native American style pipe?

  8. Great vid Joe. I will send you some called My Own Blend number 61 which is
    exact the same as Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky. Its from the same producer
    and I think you are right about the Heinrich version as well. Its STG
    (Scandinavian Tobacco Group) who produce the Orlik and My Own Blend so why
    not the Heinrich as well? It also makes sense because they have taken the
    Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky out of the market but put the My Own Blend 61
    in. The difference for them is that the My Own Blend they can do small
    number of tins of. Best from Nik/TDPS

  9. His laugh remind s me of Jim varney in the ernest movies.

  10. what is with us Tennesseans being pipe smokers i see a lot of us out there

  11. hook’em

  12. Hey Joe! You’ve matched some of my own tops, but I’m looking forward to
    trying many of those you mentioned as my taste has changed: I’ve found as
    I’ve turned 50 now that my taste for aromatics is sill there, but my
    preference is leaning heavily toward Virginias, Burley, some Latakias,
    Balkans, etc., but my favorites seem to be mostly the Flakes and plug
    tobaccos now. Thanks for the references and descriptions of those
    tobaccos! Happy Smokes from Dan in Panama City!

  13. You should try Finnish Kilta tobacco.

  14. I’ve tried Froggy Morton on the town and FM Cellar. I’ll have to try
    “Bayou”. I agree that Cellar is mellow. So mellow that I hardly pick up
    any flavor at all, and yet, it’s really a pleasant smoke. My local store
    has their own blend of Virginia Perique which I’m really enjoying when I
    want a more powerful taste.

  15. Great list Joe. I had Frog Morton Cellar as my number 2 this year. It is
    great stuff. Take care……Chris

  16. Hey Joe,I’m a pretty new pipe smoker and heard about you through the
    Dagnars channel. Great video’s and Awesome looking pipes on your store
    page. Looking forward to being able to order and smoke from one of your
    Masterpieces! Keep up the Great work!!!

  17. This is a pretty strong list Joe. Lot of personal faves on it! Gotta try
    some Blue Ridge next. The Mississippi River was pretty flat for me
    personally, I had to add some Lat to kick it up. Cheers.

  18. your favourite colour is orange”?

  19. I enjoyed your top ten. It has given me a few new things to add to my list
    of tobacco to try. 

  20. Go vols and nice vid.

  21. GO VOLS!

  22. I enjoyed your top ten. It has given me a few new things to add to my list
    of tobacco to try. 

  23. Well you can but I doubt that it would be very pleasant. You don’t inhale
    pipe tobacco, and it has to burn kind of cool, otherwise it will bite you.

  24. Joe, I’m smoking some Mississippi River as I type in my favorite pipe, an
    Ascorti business straight stem (I’ll order one of your pipes once my income
    tax return comes in). I love it. I bought an 8oz tin of it and I’ve smoked
    about 3/4 of the tin.

  25. All good ones! Love that River!

  26. can you smoke pipe tobacco in roll ups , someone please tell me

  27. Go Vols! Just wanted to say thanks for the video. I’m currently at UT and
    just picked up the hobby, so this helps…especially since the video has a
    touch of home.

  28. Great list, Joe! A brief note on the Orlik Golden Sliced: found out through
    Glynn at Gauntley’s in Nottingham that the ‘burley’ listed in that blend is
    a translation error. It should be listed as perique. Love that pot-shaped
    pipe, sir! Peace, Eric

  29. Very good choices. As a virginia guy. Have you tryied full virgina flake??
    If you like the dunhill flake you’ll love the fvf.

  30. Oh my bad, I know roll ups as hand rolled cigarettes! Cheers

  31. That is a beautiful pipe, Joe; I’d love to have the same model. Can it be
    custom ordered?

  32. What is my problem? I’ve not trained ANY of your top ten! I’m gonna have to
    do something about this. Scott

  33. I wasn’t impressed w. Mississippi River~ I mean it was good, but I had my
    hopes up I guess~ My top 10 in no particular order are: H&H Old Dark Fired,
    Sam Gwaith Full Virginia Flake, C&D Black Frigate, Boston 1776, H&H Larry’s
    Blend, G.L. Pease Chelsea Morning, Frog Morton on the Town, H&H Classic
    Burley Kake, Sam Gwaith Best Brown Flake, & my #1 go-to anytime smoke is
    Peter Stokkebye’s Luxury Navy Flake. Love the stuff~ I can get it in bulk &
    a great va/per. That’s my 10, Happy Smoking~!!!

  34. Hey Mr. Joe! Good Show! I’m fairly new to this ‘craft tobacco’ thing and
    can’t wait to try some on your list. Been smoking D&R’s blends & enjoy them
    very much. It would be helpful (I think) if you could show the contents of
    the tins so we could see, & imagine the smell & texture of each! I think it
    would be worth a few extra minutes. Thanks

  35. I try to get out to the Elliston Place tobacco shop when I’m in Nashville.
    Great shop. Managed to get three ancient tins of Greyhavens last time I was

  36. I’m never going to live that Penzance comment down am I. LOL Great list of
    tobaccos Joe! Tade

  37. Great selection. I’m looking forward to trying the Mississippi River and
    the Orlik Golden Sliced this year. I did a top 5 video to try this year
    along with my top 5 of 2012…Really enjoying your videos, thanks Scott

  38. Tobacco ain’t good

  39. Great tobaccos Joe. Love that Miss River. But I must say, Penzance is up
    there for me in the top 5, love it.

  40. Hey I am a young college student at Tennessee Tech university in Cookeville
    TN and I have started making pipes for me and my friends and I’d like to
    pick your brain on a couple of thing that I have a hard time finding online
    such as staining and especially proper buffing. If there is a way that I
    could email you or just ask a couple of questions that would be greatly
    appreciated from a fellow Tennessean.

  41. but im still wanting to try, northwoods, miss. river, and hobbits weed.

  42. Joe, nice video. I can’t seem to get the method of proper pipe smoking
    down, so laid down my Savinelli billiard years ago. Now into nasal snuff
    and snus, but as i have more free time these days, am thinking about
    returning to try the pipe again. Videos like yours are a huge help. thanks.

  43. so could you smoke it , like your smoking a cigar ?

  44. Orlik probably just gave them the recipe for a huge royalty

  45. how do you Carbonize the Bowl, cause i want to make my own pipe but i dont
    have the equipment that you do, im doing this all by hand well sanding is
    with a belt sander, and the stem is all wood, do you have any advice or

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