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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Top 5 Youtube Cigar Review Channels of 2017 (f. Acrylic Humidor Bundles)

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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These are our top 5 favorite cigar review channels this year. These are reviewers we think have tremendous game! We’re also releasing some humidor deals with some of our TNT Exclusives. You can find them among our Tim and Bradley cigar Review Deals on TNT Cigars:

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  1. I had some of your guys home cigar and they are wonderful thank you for your help Bradley

  2. Should I smoke this, Bryan, LeeMack and you guys are def my four horsemen love all you guys!

  3. I wish you guys could somehow do single cigars for a reasonable price :/, but overall you guys do a great thing by making them cheap!!!

  4. Wow brothers I am honored with the #2 award. It means a lot to me. After all I am not a professional cigar reviewer. Im a man in his garage with his dog smoking a cigar. I love watching other cigar reviewers and you guys are tops on my list. Definitely entertaining and informative. Thanks again. As always…have another great day

  5. You should check out gray Bailey

  6. I would love to get a bundle but currently don't have a good way to control temps. Here is my plan, my wife likes wine so i get a wine cooler she would love, then use some room in it for a humidor. She's happy and i am happy right?!

  7. I just got into cigars because of y'all and I just got in yalls TNT's 5-Blend Sampler but I think I need to get the Fish sticks with the travel humidor

  8. The vacays are one of my favorite cigars but they're always out when I try to order

  9. Lee Mack and your channel are my go to during my cigar time

  10. You guys really make my day whenever I am down! I agree with your five picks, however I include you on the list. My list has to include CIGARVIXEN as well. Her reviews are honest and straightforward. She's also quite pleasing on the eyes!

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