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Top 5 Travel Humidor Torture Tests

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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We had a blast in the desert! Which of our 5 torture tests was your favorite?

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*** We want to give a special thanks to the guys who volunteered their time and Humvees. You guys are the best!

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  1. so this is the episode where you got the clip for your new opener!!

  2. My favorite was the 30 foot drop amidst all that other crazy shit

  3. A engine block wouldn't protect cigars from ak lol

  4. My favorite test was the tannerite as well!!

  5. Do the waterfalls again, but this time tie a friggin' rope to it.

  6. BOOM! Headshot! Good thing it doesn't fit in my front pocket cant protect my heart from a bullet.

  7. I'd like to see the same tests run with a pelican of the same size.

  8. And once you jumped in the water at the end. . I know we could party. lol

  9. Yeah, you guys have become a morning staple for me. My day just does not go right if I don't get to watch you guys first. I'm thinking. . . we could party. . . just sayin lol

  10. I like when you shot at it with the AK

  11. wtf is with that lighter….Everyone has it…… My dad gave me several as he sticks with bic . They seem to work if I carry them in my pocket…. If I store them somewhere else I have mixed performance ….. I smoke mostly in the car so this sucks for me…

  12. This is brilliant, hope you guys get a ton of views for this one.

  13. you should have tied a 2 liter bottle to it, filled it with spray foam, and painted the bottle bright orange

  14. I think you should redo the water test. but this time take like 300 feet of Paracord. and tie it to the humidor. then tie it to something and let it go down the water fall and pull it back. great video as always

  15. tennerite was my favorite test. an idea to test would be in a vaccum chamber to see if the Humidor will protect the cigars from shrinking up in a vaccum chamber

  16. Hei! What's Bradley's T-Shirt size?

  17. lol I dont even smoke cigars but for some reason I'm hear high as fuck watching this and your cigar reviews lmao cheers guys you too are to funny together

  18. You two clowns are the best. Your segments are totally informative, over the top entertaining, and stick reviews are easy to understand. Rating: 100

  19. awesome video! very entertaining. I'd like to see the humidity inside after a day in the water and a day out in the sun.

  20. That tannerite was awesome!! Great video!!!

  21. Can you try the tests with a metal travel humidor? That may stand up better.

  22. yeah i couldnt spell disstinct

  23. My favorite one was the water test. Mainly because it didn't end well.

  24. The best was the explosives test: a honorful death for a humidor. But still a lot of fine humidors and nice sticks were lost that day. Verry sad.

    Why are you guys actually not including europeans when giving away prices? It wouldn´t really chance anything to you with the condition, that the winner pays the shipment and in a plastic bag the cigars would reach their destination safeley in time.

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