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Top 5 things to do before you smoke a cigar

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crookedbeardaz – Bradley
pretty.n.inkaz – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana

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  1. So I've just recently started to smoke cigars and I decided that I would try both a Connecticut and a Maduro of Casa de Garcia and Connecticut but I was able to get into the Maduro so I decided that I would get another one this time of different brand of Maduro and Connecticut and this time I'm with the cheap bastard and I'm still finding the Maduro way better I'm not sure why though

  2. Cigar, fire, 12 pack, the boys. Beast night

  3. I always take a couple cigars for people to try if i'm with a group.

  4. I would say to have a good music playlist!

  5. Me and my buddy have a rule. No phones out in the lounge. We put them in a jar on the back side of the bar. But now if we go out first one to look at their phone buys everyone a beer

  6. I'm smoking the cigar I'll ever smoke. It's an Atabey. It's perfect. And it's great. Thank you for bring it to me…

  7. Tip #6: I precut my cigars to make sure the draw is not too tight. I save my tight draws for a bad day.

  8. Dana your eyes are so much prettier than that old bearded buzzard next to you. Just kidding! Love you both, thumbs up on the video and by the way that smoke sounds like a good stick. May have to pick some up from you folks. Love the videos, please keep them coming!

  9. Dana got the ENERGY TODAY! 🤣

  10. I love the tips guys. The tips are all true, if I had to add one it would be getting your music playlist ready. I have a dedicated one specifically for cigars out on the porch. On the other hand honestly given up on my local cigar lounge sadly. They constantly talk about politics all day everyday and it's not something I want to hear. With there was somewhere else near me.

  11. Bradley man, Where can I get that shirt?

  12. Try to eat about a half hour before smoking a Cigar. That makes a huge difference to me !

  13. the best experience I ever had smoking a cigar was late at night, after watching the sunset over a river with my buddy, I pissed in the river while taking a nice draw from my cigar. It was the best draw I have ever had. Sadly, when i zipped my pants back up the cigar fell out of my mouth and into the river, but I got my enjoyment out of it.

  14. I mostly smoke alone as none of my friends enjoy cigars, and they aren’t horribly popular in my area

  15. I smoke by myself, usually on my way to work, or on my way home from work but also when fishing. But I always carry everything I need on my persons, because you never know when a good smoke is in order

  16. Make sure the tunes are ready.

  17. I like to get drunk as hell before I smoke a cigar I'm pretty sure my jaw is broken can't really open my mouth that wide can't even take a bite out of a burger so robustos and lanceros for me from now on

  18. If you’re smoking with a girl don’t stare too hard , same thing to guys

  19. why do you need to be 21 to buy cigars on the website?

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