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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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crookedbeardaz – Bradley
tntcigars – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana


  1. Lol ruining relationships. She just never understand how relaxing it is lol

  2. Gee let me think. Dad's a drug dealer… Or sells cigars. Yeah I think your kids have the better deal.

  3. The money is a big thing! The average price of my cigars is $7, Some people may think $50 a week on cigars is not a big deal however I have a lot of hobbies and so for me it is. I try to find my favorites on sale online but I do not have a big humidor yet.

  4. Curious as to what the difference is between toasting the foot of the cigar first and then lighting it and just lighting the cigar when you are ready to smoke it.

  5. What’s a great casual cigar just For relaxing

  6. smoke up!! natural selection at it's finest

  7. Thanks for the video . I've always loved smell of cigar or pipes. Cigars are a hobby I enjoy and I don't even smoke 1 a week. My wife hates Cigar smoke but supports my hobby . I'm one of the blessed ones.

  8. It’s interesting. My wife doesn’t like the smell of cigars, but doesn’t object to me smoking them. Just as long as I brush my teeth afterwards, she doesn’t complain.

  9. Cigar daily is also a great site check it out on YouTube. This was a great video.

  10. Please tell me what brand your watch is, Thank you.

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