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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. What are the best cigars to smoke after sex? I want to impress my girlfriend ;^)

  2. No one ever mentions a cigar mouthpiece which was at one time very popular. George Burns used one all the time. Since cigar prices have become ridiculous I use one so I can smoke that bad boy down to the nub without the cigar unraveling or burning my finger. I think Brog sells mouthpieces for cigars. At one time all tobacco stores sold them. Maybe not hip enough?

  3. couple questions for you guys. first, what are your favorite suggestions for groomsman gifts? second, you ever try ave maria sticks? just had my first one, the immaculata, and i LOVED it!

  4. Bradly never seems to get an even burn

  5. Grab a Havana saver to use as a poker to open the draw or use it to smoke it down to the nub

  6. Try Jacobson's Swedish snus. That's what I do. Buzz from hell, spitless tobacco and it's from the North. Do a video on it

  7. Not accessory related guys, but wanted to say I just smoked my first Kings Conquest, and it is really great. Good work on this one guys, will be ordering more.

  8. The lighter is nice but pricey!! Cigar holder for your beer is a must have and economical

  9. Favourite has to be the Xikar XO cutter here. Not cheap but very reliable

  10. I smoked my first cigar yesterday.

  11. I want an XO Double Guillotine. That's the kind of man candy I need for my cigars.

  12. Can you do vape vs cigars thank you

  13. I'm sorry, that beer bottle, clip-on cigar holder thing is fucking stupid.

  14. Smoke a garcia vega gas stqtion cigar, they're actually not too bad

  15. You make it sound like smoking a cigar is such a chore

  16. The Cuban Crafters perfect cutter is awesome!

  17. How about cigar holders for golf bags/carts?

  18. Coolest and most useful cigar tool this year is hands down the MODUS cigar tool. I have a MODUS and MODUS version II.
    You guys have got to check them out.

  19. Tim you should have put Brad infront of that fan it might have straightend out that beard of his LMAO !!! I think Brad should not wear a hat in the next show !!!

  20. that beer come with a lipstick?

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