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Top 10 Cigar Smoking Cartoon Characters!!!

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  1. wolverine should be like #1 he's the best

  2. I loved Tom and jerry when I was a kid. Still do

  3. Baby herman from who framed roger rabbit…

  4. goofey from goofey "no smoking"

  5. There´s a Disney brazilian character named "Zé Carioca" that loved to smoke a good cigar.

  6. I knew the Popeye song but I was born in 1998. Love you guys!

  7. Bender is a good one because his cigar smoking is a central part of many episodes. Like steeling Zuban's and the cigar made from the US constitution.

  8. I'm a comic book guy! Logan aka Wolverine, Ben Grimm the Thing! And Nick Fury!

  9. its not a cartoon but graves they finally gave him his cigar back

  10. guys I love you to death , I order from you all the time , but please stop moving your hat you're driving me crazy

  11. Tim is the baby, and Bradley is Spike! It's very clear!

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