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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Tobacco World Perdomo Lot 23

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Smoke Inn LLC aquired TobaccoWorldCigars on July 15th 2009. The views and opinions expressed in these videos do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions…

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  1. Nice to see some more videos. I have one suggestion, buy a microphone. Your
    audio will sound so much better.

  2. Great review Kris. The Lot 23 is a nice affordable cigar. After smoking one
    I immediately purchased a box of Toros. However, my all time favorite is
    ESV ’91 Maestro Tubos! Take care!

  3. What is the brand of the ventilation fan behind you? Looking everywhere for
    one of those.

  4. Hey Man, new haircut 🙂

  5. Now kris wut if just wut if you cant smoke in hell?? you gona make a smoke
    shop in Purgatory? cuz id be there

  6. finally someone who is not ashamed of his heterosexuality. Seriously, it’s
    almost like it’s bad to be straight when you’re on youtube. Way to go! Be
    flamboyantly straight.

  7. How can he smoke inside the Humidor??? Well, of course he can, I am not
    blind, but doesn’t it affect the taste of the cigars in there? And he is
    also inhaling his cigar. Well, every man his own way. Just remember, there
    are not tastebuds in the lungs! Take it easy Kris. Love you!

  8. YEah man Yeah, down to earth dude who calls it like he sees it. Nice to see
    guys lookin out for budget smokers. Can you send me a stimulus bundle?

  9. I know man it’s sad…his wife left him and he lost this store.

  10. this guy sounds like he’d be fun to hang with lol and im not being gay so
    if any of you think that you can stop now oh and F YOU

  11. excellent job chris. 5-5 stars

  12. Lol if your in heaven why couldnt you smoke i mean your immortal it aint
    gonna give you cancer!

  13. Great vid Kris! Picked one up (natural) – one of the best cigars I’ve had
    in awhile. Thanks.

  14. Great to see your back man, always love to watch your videos you tell it
    how it is.

  15. Great Video Kris. Loved the shout out to support local shops. You’re right,
    without local places to buy and enjoy a stogie I’d be stuck out on my deck
    in the cold. Rock on bruddah. //rick//

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