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Tobacco Review: Old Toby

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Today I talk about some old toby!

The pipe I’m smokin’

Old Toby:

Interesting/cool web links: (this is a great community to get involvde in)

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  1. Breathe it in you sissy. You haven’t started smoking until you do.

  2. Have you ever smoked ganja man?

  3. I love churchwarden pipes….cool you happy smoking all..!

  4. ah old toby, the finest weed in the south farthings.

  5. You look like a hobbit! And you smoke like one. Cheers!

  6. Ok how do you clean a pipe like that?

  7. Did You know???

    Mr.Brog ( USA ) its

    Not a big company:-)

    190 Ross St Apartment 1d
    Brooklyn, NY 11211

    Company Info
    U.S.I.A. Inc is a Domestic Business Corporation. Company Number assigned to this company is 4242136. U.S.I.A. Inc principal address is U.S.I.A. Inc 190 Ross Street, #1D Brooklyn, New York, 11211. You can find this business by geo coordinates: 40° 42' 9.6" N , 73° 57' 54.5" W.

    Check with on mobile app with PayPal payment…Money send to U S I A Inc

    So MrBrog in USA its not Mr.Brog Poland ( ) Just reseller in USA !!!!!

    No info about that on Ebay or Amazon also his web shop tells nothing about that!!!

    Also sells many products direct from China

    for example stands and pipes from :

    Date 2016-12-19
    Shipper Name Haibo International Industry Ltd

    Date 2017-04-12
    Shipper Name Foshan Shunde Yizhanan Craft Produc

    What do You think about that???

  8. Your wizard name is Briar the Red?

  9. Sweet pipe. I bet your pipe cleaners are like a foot long lol

  10. shortcut to mushrooms is the best!

  11. i have exactly the same on, but i can't find a nice tobacco for it. does the tobacco has to kind of itch the throat idk. i have a lot of question since i began shortly

  12. Good looking pipe Ben, thanks for sharing.
    Take care,

  13. Nice pipe. I have one similar. Enjoyed the video.

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