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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. This is my favorite tobacco. I smoke it morning (on an empty stomach, lol), noon, and night. Buy it in 1lb bags. Never had an issue. It's an all-time favorite of mine.

  2. Nightcap is a very interesting pipe tobacco. when I first opened the tin, the smell reminded me of some chewing tobaccos. was not crazy with that. my first smoke was less than exciting. literally felt like I was smoking a strong cigar. I dumped the tobacco in a mason jar for at least one month. tried it again last week. wonderful smoke! smell is much more pipe tobacco directed. the smoking experience to me was like smoking a nice campfire-esque flavor with a touch of incense mingled in. Odd taste but….I really liked it! made a huge difference to let it sit in a jar for some time. I only went thru one bowl but did not get a nicotine buzz so I was thankful for that. will be one of my regular tobaccos.

  3. Still the only tobacco I can tolerate. And it's sublime.

  4. Ribbon cut always burns beautifully to the bottom.

  5. Best tobacco review ever and so honest! And yea… I found out the hard way that a little goes a long way and EAT first!

  6. Dunhill Nightcap is amazing.  Picked some up at Anstead's Tobacco.  I agree that it should be smoked on a full stomach, but I don't think it is terribly overpowering in any aspect.  It is a very rich, earthy, smoky flavor and is best smoked slowly.  Great stuff. 

  7. Nightcap makes me want to put my nightcap on and go to sleep, very bold a perfect way to end your night!

  8. Where can I get some Northwoods?

  9. Iv just tried nightcap today its great tobacco I`m going to wait and see how I feel about it after 5 bowls or so but so far I am really liking it  

  10. very very very good review and advice. 

  11. Great  review!.Aye!, say no more!.

  12. this tobacco made me almost throw up

  13. "It will knock you over", lol! I have some bulk Early Morning, but the way you you describe this stuff, I gotta find some Nightcap and get knocked over! Great review.

  14. I just do not understand this love affair with Night Cap !  Have tried it twice now and find it to be one dimensional, and weak !  ( yes I know its an English, btw ) 
     I only smoke English blends, tried aromatics, they are like tobaccos for people who don't like tobacco !
    Its like saying I like beer as long as it doesn't taste like beer !
    Aromatic tobacco is like vegetarian sausages, totally illogical.

  15. Definitely right about the nicotine content. I would chance it to say it's near double that of any other English I've tried and easily 5X that of any aromatic.

  16. Dunhill Nightcap is a real treat!

  17. Very nice review.  Nightcap is my main smoke anytime but I have been smoking English blends for 40 years.  The other English blends for me just do not make it into my bowls every often.

  18. I thought that was a good and fair review. For someone used to Capt Black I am wanting to try something new.

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