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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Tobacco Review : CAO “Eileen’s Dream”

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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  1. I tried CAO Bello Vanilla. Pretty nice, but not the best Vanilla blend I’ve
    had. The vanilla taste could have been stronger. Overall, it was okay, but
    I don’t think I would re-purchase. I am going to give Eileen’s Dream a
    whirl, though, based on your review. Peace.

  2. @cutlerylover you smoke a pipe now man? good on you i’ve been smoking my
    grandfathers blackthorn churchwarden since i was 12

  3. dunhill standard mixture would be good for a cig smoker imo

  4. I don’t smoke, I never have smoked, and I never plan on starting… Yet I
    watch every single one of your videos, even these tobacco/pipe vids. 🙂

  5. @Solingen1000 Sounds disgusting, lol…

  6. 3rd

  7. i love cao products

  8. I just tried this today. in 2 years of pipe smoking, This was my first
    aromatic. I could bairly taste anything but it smelled amazing.

  9. Hey Jeff, I bought Moontrance yesterday and it’s okay. It has a great sweet
    fruit flavor right out the gate, very smooth too. It trails off fairly
    quickly unfortunately, and has a mild vanilla tobacco flavor for the rest
    of the bowl. It also smoked pretty cool, for me at least. Im definitely
    going to pick up Eileens Dream sometime soon, it sounds fantastic. Im a new
    pipe smoker btw

  10. same here man, i even like these smoking vids more than some other ones, I
    guess its just the way he reviews them I guess lol

  11. I’ve heard Devil’s Holiday is considered the best aromatic but I haven’t
    tried it. May be worth getting a tin.

  12. “I taste whip cream* I oredered one after i heard that lol

  13. @Supermassively Jumping from your window 🙂

  14. ALRIGHT JEFF! How often do you stuff packing peanuts up your nose!? Hahaha

  15. Lol, i walk around with packing peanuts in my nose all the time 😀

  16. jeff could you do some more m.r.e videos

  17. You should try Milan’s Hazelnut, Star City Delight, or Poochies blend. They
    are nice and relaxing and taste great. Little to none tongue bite 🙂

  18. triple threat tobacco reviews, made my sunday!

  19. “Kinda like you shoved 2 packing peanuts up your nose and walked around all
    day” Priceless.

  20. cutlery lover still has more vids to upload today in case your really bored
    but if it’s nice out GO OUTSIDE take break from the computer. don’t worry
    I’m not going out 😛

  21. PvP nation saaan lol

  22. why are there obama ads on youtube

  23. CAO will become your Spyderco of tobacco

  24. more tobacco reviews please

  25. i want a 50 grand Tim

  26. jeff you need to try some Peterson tobacco’s my personal favs are Irish oak
    and sweet Killarny

  27. Would this be a tobacco to get for a first tobacco? I’m thinking about pipe
    smoking and I’m trying to find a few tobaccos thy I think I’ll like I
    already have 1Q on my list

  28. @Supermassively That depends… Who are you trying to unsub?

  29. Just ordered mine. Eileen’s Dream is $6.42 on Egars(dot)com. Shipping is
    cheaper on here than pipesandcigars to.

  30. it’s a 43 step process that requires a deep understanding of quantum physics

  31. do some zippo videos

  32. @Raptor19153 I liked the Cherrybomb, black cherry and smooth madagascar
    vanilla. mmmmmmmmm.

  33. As far as sweet pipe tobacco, what would you say is the sweetest smelling
    that you’ve smoked? and as a side question: what was the sweetest tasting?

  34. I really like CAO cigars, I really want to try the pipe tobacco

  35. Sounds interesting. I’m not usually a fan of aromatics but I might give
    this 1 a try. I don’t mind some aromatics but I’m particularly picky about
    them. For the most part, I like my Latakia blends.

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