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Tobacco Review : Borkum Riff – Mixture w/ Cherry Liquor (Aromatic)

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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  1. I'm a big fan of Borkum RIff Cherry Cavendish, Thanks for the video, one offtopic question, actually a myth to me…Is it real that "Pipe tobacco smoking is better than normal cigarettes?" I mean making joint with pipe tobacco and inhale like cigarettes….I have rolling papers….Can you help me? They say pipe tobacco has less chemicals less nicotine etc….Using 2 brands now….Borkum Riff & Flying Dutchman Aromatic…If you can help

  2. Try admirals choice cherry cavendish

  3. It was my first tobacco try into pipe smoking. The tobacconist said it very popular up here in Calgary lol I totally agree. Crap. Take care

  4. I say you smoke weed, waaaaayy less harmful to your body and you get high :))

  5. damn. I thought we had more in common. Dedicated stern fan here.

  6. Chemists sell tobacco in America? I don't really go into them very often but here in the UK I don't think they do that, seems pretty ironic for them to sell tobacco though :P

  7. Watching this as Paris attacks are occurring.

  8. Yhea i have the same opion about borkum riff I find very dissapointing and chemically, I tend to stick with tinned and bulk tobbaccos I really like macbaren, peterstokkebye, Cornell and deil, and lane limited most of their blends are lovely to smoke and some of them are a little
    Iffy but then again if always omes down to personal preference 

  9. I prefer Borkum Reef-Wiskey.

  10. I just bought some Borkum Riff Bourbon. Have not tried it since the early 70's – no lie! I have a very distinct memory of how this tobacco tasted back then, and let me tell you, 2013/14 Borkum Riff does not taste anything like it once did. I don't know if the tobacco they used was higher quality back then, or what. But I will not be purchasing any more in the future.

  11. 8:16 "it tastes kinda like a Phili blunt"? lol

  12. dang thats a nice pipe gotta get me one!

  13. O&A fan as well, just got into pipe tobacco picked up a few tobaccos was searching for a review on Borkum Riff Honey & Orange and all i found was this review. Hoping its not as bad as this one 

  14. I concur with your review sir. This stuff is just plain awful. The only worse offering from Borkum Riff is the Bourbon Whiskey mixture. I am not bashing OTC tobaccos because I still do enjoy the occasional bowl of Captain Black in the white pouch. This Borkum Riff however tastes to me like chemical cased pencil shavings.

  15. 0:23 what are you watching there Jeff?

  16. Have you tried Solani Sweet Mystery X? Its a heavily cased eromatic that is actually quite good. Wanted to get your thoughts on it!! Its an excellent exception to heqvy cased aromatics

  17. you can smoke it like anything else. when i smoke my pipe, i always do some regular draws on it as i dont really think its a point of smoking if you dont get the buzz.

  18. Any good marathon runner knows the last .1 mile is a killer

  19. What about Borkum Riff Bourbon? That seems like it's the most common one.

  20. Look in the back round it is the guy in the Boston bombing

  21. I agree, you'd have to be a bone head to say pipes and cigars are health LMAO!

  22. People need to learn how to brush their teeth 

  23. I saw the thumbnail and I thought he was smoking pot XD

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