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Tim’s Personal Humidor Tour

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Here’s a close up look inside my personal humidor. This is my dream humidor! Drop me a comment and let me know what your dream humidor looks like!

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  1. any feeling on CAO flathead carb maduro's? just ordered some blindly… hope it wasn't a mistake

  2. Not bad!! I expected a way more expensive collection. Cool shit though!

  3. What do you recommend for a starter stick. I recently quit chewing and only smoked a few cigars in my life time.

  4. Your in az whaaattt me too lol you have a shop here ?

  5. please test a honey berry backwood

  6. Which cigar has a really good tobacco leaf wrap to roll up weed with? Backwoods isnt really my forté

  7. Chill ass music, lofi? I think i have that song lol

  8. I knew Tim would have something gay in his room 😀

  9. I can’t smoke cigars yet but when I turn 18 I’m lighting one up for my grandpa

  10. God please let that be your wife’s Malibu.

  11. You asked your wife if you could buy something? How cucked are you?

  12. Nice to see those Toraño Vaults. I’m a big Toraño fan ! It would be great to see you review any Toraño cigars.

  13. Cedar lined 5.56mm ammo can. Awesome seal, keeps in humidity, tough, easy to transport, holds a lot, and is awesome looking. My humidor as been to help and back and I love it 😎

  14. that's a really nice setup i really like the lights

  15. Awesome humidor! Thanks for the personal tour. I currently have three Rubbermaid gallon containers filled up with a large Boveda 69 pack thrown in each one. Not as awesome as that monster you got but the wife already asks why I am buying more cigars with those containers full LOL!

  16. Where can I buy this humidor?

  17. But you're not retired yet

  18. Tim is that the barbatus cigar cabinet. I was checking one like that out @ The elegant bar.

  19. I currently have a cherry wood Humidor known as “The Diablo” that my fiancé got me for Christmas 2106. It’s a 300 count Humi that I chose to install an Ossis Excel 2.0 electronic humidifier in. While the Excel has taken away a bit from storage space, it’s still s choice I’m glad I made. It’s s complete “Set it and forget it” system. I completely digging that gorgeous standup in the video Tim. I’m looking to step up to a 500 count. Thanks for the tips

  20. I’ve slowly upgraded over time. Started with a free 50-count desktop humidor from an online cigar shop. Then I used a large cooler door for a while once I started getting into boxes. After that, I moved to a 1,000-ct end table humidor called the Montegue. It’s available at several dealers.

    Once I outgrew that, I recently ordered and received a temperature controlled cabinet humidor from Bob Staebell at Aristocrat humidors. It stores about 125 boxes.

    I still have the Montegue up and running. I use it to store non-Cubans at 68% Rh. And the MXT is dedicated to my Cubans (mostly boxes) that I keep at 62% RH and 67 degrees F.

    I love this hobby!

  21. Bro you kinda look like a white lavar ball 😂

  22. Bro that is CLEAN! 🙌👌🔥

  23. What kind of lights did you put in the humidor?

  24. Looks great! I have Adorini Roma cabinette with LED. I run with the Le Veil humidification system, but I´m not really happy with it. What system do you use?

  25. sorry Tim nothing is for free if you want to know what kind and what's in my humidor it'll cost you one of those God of Fire…lol ….had to try worst thing you'll say is no

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