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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Tim & Bradley Smoke The World’s CHEAPEST Cigars!

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We always warn people about buying into deals that seem too good to be true. In this video, we’ll show you exactly what to expect when you buy into 80% off, 90% off, or 40 cigars for $30!

These cigars were pretty bad…. what’s the worst cigar you’ve ever had? Drop us a comment!

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  1. I've only ever smoked a few $4 Belgian cigars from a supermarket tobacco store. Tasted horrible, like ammonia and cat urine. One day I'll have to try a proper cigar.

  2. I think the M Vick comment was distasteful, you lost one.

  3. Most the time you cannot tell if it's cheap or expensive

  4. So far the worst was a Don Rafael Vintage 2004 Toro. Pure dog crap mixed with chemical toilet…

  5. had a box of 12 fuertaventuran box rolled cigars for about £5, they didn't burn well and tasted like crap

  6. Thanks for saving me a headache/heartache.

  7. "yarrrr…maybe" Way more clever than anyone will give you credit for. Good on ya

  8. some of this brands should be banned. i had my share and they were terrible smokes . money to the drain! !!!

  9. That pirate joke had to be scripted that was TOO perfect lmfao

  10. The worst cigar I ever had was a Baja.

  11. Yeah let's throw shit all over the table even though we have a big ass ashtray in the middle xD

  12. One of the cellar reserve series.

  13. I had a Gurkha that was aged for it was either 15 years or 20, but it tasted kinda like spicy hay with mildew, and it fell apart after being out of a humidor for less than 25 minutes, and continued to fall apart as I tried to smoke it. Ive had better cigars last longer, I have to travel 22 miles to buy them, and then use a ferry to go home. Ill look for the name, it was way too over priced as well.

  14. Jesus I rather pay 10 dollars a cigar

  15. Love to see them blind taste a variety of price points…I'm thinking there is a lot of over reaction here.

    Not to mention, anything from cigars international should always sit in the humidor a month or two, they almost always seem to come too wet with tight draw, as I'm thinking they pump them full of humidity prior to shipping.

    Once they sit a bit, they open up nicely

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