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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Tim & Bradley smoke the world’s BIGGEST cigars!

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God never meant for people to smoke cigars as big as these. What’s the biggest cigar you’ve ever smoked? Drop us a comment

***correction – mg of nicotine is actually between 1000 -1200 in these cigars. Not 10k-12k. Sorry, we went to public school. -TS

If you want to try the Big Johnny and the Leaf by Oscar, you can check the link below:

Leaf by Oscar Variety Cigar Sampler

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  1. That thing was insane! Did it's girth hurt you fragile millennial ego Tim? 😉 llol

  2. I smoked some 8+ by I guess 70 or so, only once though, never above 60 again.

  3. No Bill Clinton joke?!….shamefull. Gurkha Enforcer 8×60, Gurkha Sinister 8×70. ……Did the camera just recently become higher resolution? ……Did I just not hear the Lewinsky joke over the hot tub motors.? Didnt Darth maul have 1 of those? This clip raises more questions than answers.

  4. For Monica's sake, keep these away from Bill.

  5. God damn it guys. Im trying not to laugh my ass off, but its near impossible.

  6. Please review Comancho Triple Maduro Toro

  7. Is that sampler gone? Can't find it on the website.

  8. I had the Leaf by Oscar Sumatra yesterday, it was fantastic, I agree. I was expecting heavy coffee, but while there is a nice coffee taste throughout, there are tons of flavors. Some cocoa, some citrus, just a really nice smoke! I agree!

  9. chop it up and make loads of a little stubbys

  10. Imagine putting around the golf course smoking that behemoth!

  11. Yo T&B this isn't even remotely relevant to the video but i had to tell you my friend gave me a cigar to try and i thought it was one of the best I've had. i loved the flavor, it wasn't too strong and in all I truly didn't want it to end. This was your very own king's anniversary, I loved it so much I Went on your website and bought a 25 bundle of it without hesitation. I love what you guys do and I love that your all about value, keep doing what your doing.

  12. The biggest cigar I've ever smoked was the LFD Digger, don't know how you guys smoked that much of those cigars, God bless. I'd be comatose lol

  13. I can hear the Jingle now…………"Put'em in your mouth"

  14. As I was watching the video I was enjoying the Leaf by Oscar Sumatra. Very good smoke. SSMF

  15. Awesome video guys! I was thinking it would be cool if you could make a video with some Cigars that would be good to smoke with family and friends on Memorial day. Maybe a sampler pack? I think some that would go good with the foods and possibly a couple that would go good for fishing and camping.

  16. Let's try inhaling these bad boys.

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