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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Tim & Bradley smoke GAS STATION CIGARS!!!

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  1. lol nobody rolls their weed in blacknmilds they burn unevenly

  2. swishers were my first smoke but i now know they suckkkk

  3. Ewwwww, it's crazy because I used to smoke bm's when I was in high school and early 20's but now it taste TERRIBLE. 😷

  4. Dip & chewing tobacco fuck sigiarats and vapes

  5. I've never smoked cigarettes but when i first started smoking cigars i bought a pack of Black Stone rum and wine but my go-to were the swisher blunts, I cant believe i actually smoked those 😂😂 I find it funny that you guys complain about how shitty these cigars are but then recommend that we drink Fireball which is pretty much the gas station cigar of the whiskey world

  6. Man that was too funny, great video guys.

  7. This the lion with the crown in your logo a reference to Christianity?

  8. I smoked Dutch Masters when I was younger (18 or 20) then I got a job bartending at a Country Club and had a Romeo Julietta and it changed the game for me. …lol

  9. Yeah still smoke black and mile just because im 17 i can't buy good cigars

  10. I've never seen anyone actually smoke a swisher with Tobacco

  11. gas station cigars are what turned me off to cigars for a really long time. I've never had a premium cigar because of them. lol I'm not even sure how I ended up watching cigar videos to be honest but I subscribes anyway because watching you guys choke on those horrible things was hilarious.

  12. You gotta try dutch presidents. Not that bad actually for a youngster

  13. I used to smoke the sweets back in the day, and the black and milds too at the time they weren't to bad lol but now when I want a short smoke I grab a al capone cigariles and those really are pretty damn good I'd love to see you guys try one of them on the show

  14. De Nobli & Parodi fire cured cigars are the best machine made smokes. I often smoke them when I don't have time for a premium.

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