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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Tim & Bradley Smoke CIGARILLOS!!! (f. Cigarillos… obviously)

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Cigarillos are great, and now we’re carrying some select Cigarillos on Here are a few:

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  1. Do y'all like Tatiana's?

  2. Yo can you do a filterd cigar review

  3. Tim is definitely a sweet guy! You can even see it in his face and smile.

  4. Not a fan of transphobia. Will not be buying from TNT any longer

  5. Fragile! It must be Italian!


  7. Waiting for vid saying were gay

  8. Gen Xers are the kinds of people that always think they're working harder than everybody around them, when if they'd work smarter they'd accomplish more in less time.

  9. You guys should do a snuff sniffing episode!!!!!!

  10. >2017
    >not crossdressing and going by Xe

  11. The only cigarillos I smoke are either c note acids or the Al Capone

  12. Love your videos guys! Please can you look into getting your microphone setup/repaired 🙂 Its pretty distracting… As a millennial, I'm getting pretty offended that you're being so inconsiderate, and I blame Bradley. It's not "FINE" Brad – yes I shortened your name, because I'm entitled to that, and it makes me feel good. Tell him I'm right Tim. But seriously, fix your mic. @smokeviking

  13. Macanudo mini's or Cohiba shorts are my go-to's for short smokes.

  14. I'm so glad you finally did those

  15. Can you review the CrossdresserCigarillo?

  16. Just curious if these edits and cutaways were inspired by Insomniac of 60 second cigar reviews?

  17. You guys should do cigars vs bong

  18. do a review on Dirty Cunt cigars please

  19. QUESTION: Do you shipping to Norway, Europe?

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