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Three Nuns Review (Tinned) – Imco (Sad News) – Pipe Club

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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My first smoke in my Giacomo Polished egg, its a great pipe to smoke and a great tobacco. Pipe made by Also …


  1. Great review, as always. After watching it I can really determine what I to
    expect about this tobacco. I am still very curious about trying it.
    Probably I will try to get it these days. Thanks for the tips. Cheers.

  2. Three Nuns is an English style (nom-aromatic) tobacco correct?

  3. Three Nuns was one of my prefered ones….nowadays is impossible to find it
    in Spain…even I’ve tried through the net…impossible!…I remember the
    touch of Perique…wow..!!!!

  4. thanks and we all look forwards to more of your videos too

  5. sheesh…if it gives a nicotine feind like you the sweats it is definitely
    gonna be too much for me….I wonder what would happen if you added some
    blending Perique……hard to believe that the original was twenty two
    per cent…no wonder people raved about it…Jeff, longlost00 was more
    impressed by the ‘simulacrum’ from Peter Heinrich’s ‘Curly’ which he said
    does have perique…we’ll have to find you some to try out 😉

  6. poor guy

  7. So that’s where the Giacomo Egg went, enjoy that beautiful pipe my friend.
    I am jealous . Jay

  8. A great pipe review and thanks for all the info, it is getting harder and
    harder to find pipe tobacco on the high street, and thanks for posting.

  9. Clean shaven!!!

  10. yup patrick is like many of my customers, i dont care aslong as it burns.
    Its a marmite tobacco, i love the stuff. Didnt rate the pouch one much at
    all, reminded me of a rolling tobacco. Its all fun to see how different our
    taste buds are

  11. thanks and it is, if you can get it, you should give it a try

  12. Gorgeous pipe and sounds like a really tasty smoke! Thanks

  13. Great review Glynn and working on getting a tin myself so hard to find and
    so expensive. Sad to hear about IMCO the classics have been my favorite for
    years shame that.

  14. You should enjoy it, its got some power to it and i love the flavours

  15. Where did you get the tinned version, Sir? Also, is it the same as the
    stuff in the packet?

  16. cheers dean and hells yeah, i just wish they would let us sell it here.
    Still confused as to why the silly price though

  17. Great review, I’ve got a tin from a trade but not sure which one, I’ll have
    to have a look. I’m sure I’ve said it already but that is a awesome looking

  18. I will have to track some of that down, the only 2 sliced twists that i
    have tried are the De Luxe Navy Rolls & Bulls Eye. I like those two, but
    they are light and i like Perique in high does. My new blend is 30% of the
    stuff and thats mind numbing! Its good stuff, that pipe is big and i was
    smoking it for a while. Still lovely stuff though

  19. its a good one for dancing with lady N

  20. just be carefull don’t slip. great vid ..awesome pipe . by the way, thank
    you for your sub 🙂

  21. I think I am addicted to the feeling of “Dancing with Lady N” – so this
    sucker sounds like it’s right up my alley!!

  22. Drop-dead gorgeous pipe! GREAT review. Got a tin of this from DL1 and I am
    excited about getting into it! Cheers! ~ Jack

  23. its worth a try for sure.

  24. I like your tin and cigar band collection in the background there. I did
    something similar with my cigar bands, but ibdont have them framed.

  25. thanks, its great stuff. Had it plenty of times before but still cant get
    enough of it.

  26. Great review – I like them both – both the Tin version and the UK Pouch
    Version of Three Nunns – lol interesting to see that Mark find the UK
    version Shite – Now The Doc Longlost00 – did not rate the Tin version of
    thee nunns – so it would seem to be a clear case of try it yourself and see
    if you like it – unless you are patrick and then it does not matter cos he
    would smoke roadkill if he had the chance ..LOL 😉

  27. its a great pipe for sure

  28. i think i could take a full bowl……maybe. Its comfortable if you are a
    holder and not a clencher, i tend to like my hands free. Its still
    manageable to smoke with it in my teeth, just feels odd. Will get used to
    it, just need to find the right place in my teeth. But that said its a
    f**king amazing pipe buddy and thanks again!

  29. strength? 🙁 a pity….. 🙂

  30. They are a great Va blend, but im guessing you wont enjoy them too
    much…….guess what i am going to suggest next??? Lol. It is a real shame
    about IMCO, the petrol classic lighters are great. Have more working parts
    than a Zippo, so more likely to break, but still great ligthers

  31. Fantastic Vid, Very beautiful pipe!! Definately unique!! I look forward to
    more of your vid’s :))

  32. Great review Glynn, I have a few tins kickin around but I just dont enjoy
    Virginias so who kbnows if I will ever grt to them.. That Imco looked
    fantastic, To bad they’ve gone bust

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