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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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The WORLD’S MOST ELITE CIGARS and when to smoke them (f. Liga Privada)

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What are the elite moments in your life, and what cigars do you pull out of the humidor for such a special occasion? Drop us a comment.

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  1. Hey guys I love the show but I was wondering if I should keep smoking cigars. I recently started smoking after my grandpa and me had one. I however am an upcoming college wrestler and I'm not sure if you guys think I should hold off or say fuck it. I only smoke about 2 to 4 a week so I'm not sure how bad it is for my athletic career. I am highly anticipated as a "elite" wrestler and I don't wanna ruin it.

  2. I'm with you on the age thing B. I may not be terribly old but I have lived rough enough that I feel much older than I really am. I feel so old, I don't even buy green bananas anymore.
    That said, I am a newbie with cigars and I'd like to know if I keep a really nice special occasion stick next to a cheap, daily driver stick in the humidor, would the really good one suffer any off flavors or anything? Should I separate my special sticks from the $2 ones?

    As far as special occasions, any occasion is special if you appreciate it fully. Myself, I'm thankful for each day that my name isn't in the papers. It's always better to be seen than viewed. Tim, you should break into those great sticks and really enjoy them. There is no reason to lock them away until they get passed down for someone else to enjoy.
    Carpe diem Tim and Bradley. Have a great day guys.

  3. U should age whiskey but do it right

  4. I love smoking my Cigar while watching you talk about the Cigar I'm smoking Liga 9 #Bellionaire

  5. I bought a la nox from Bradley in Arizona. He insisted on it and said exactly that "roasted marshmallows" lol. I am saving it for when our house is ready from all the renovations! Thanks Bradley!

  6. On my last couple of birthdays I have smoked a Padron Family Reserve 50 years and buy another for the following year. Its one of my favorites. I am turning 30 this Saturday and I have that stick lined up. Tomorrow I will smoke a Padron 1926 Maduro for my last day of my 20s.

    If I was going to make an elite 5pk of smokes Id go with the Padron Family Reserve 50yrs, Padron 1926, Oliva V Melanio, Drew Estate Norteño, and a Padron 1964 Anniversary Serie.

    Wow I guess I love Padron…

  7. I was impressed with the liga 10very nice smoke 💨

  8. What's the best thing to do while smoking a cigar watching Tim and Bradley show! Got a kuba kuba lit up ending the day right!

  9. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor.. bought a box when my son was born and smoked one on his baptsm, birthday and every other memorable moment. Gives me time to reflect on life and the most beautiful being Ive ever laid eyes on..

  10. Just started smoking cigars but I could really use one of those white CAO HATS hook me up guys!!!

  11. Yes, you can age whisky longer! I keep a small one liter oak cask on my whisky cabinet. Some younger whiskies become phenomenal with another month in a small barrel. You can also blend whiskies and give them time to marry in your small barrel. Give it a try!

  12. How about the Camacho Ecuador, thoughts?

  13. Whisky is aged in wood barrels, aging process ends when it's bottled.

  14. like if tim sucks on bradleys pee pee

  15. I have an OpusX lost city… for New years this year… And I have a few Partagas E #4 for other quiet times…

  16. Awesome review! Rap break *DEAD*

  17. love the T-shirt Tim. The cigar that I am waiting on is rocky patal sun grown madero.

  18. Smoking a range ammo while watching

  19. I feel cigars are made to be smoked, so I don't save any for a special occasion, anytime is an occasion to smoke them.

  20. A recent moment for me was returning from a year long deployment. I pulled out a Montecristo No. 4 for that.

    As for what I have sitting in the humidor waiting, I have My Father Le Bijou 1922's (1x petite robusto, 2x robusto, 4x box pressed torpedo) and I managed to find a shop locally after I got back that had some LFD Andalusian Bulls. Haven't had one yet, but jumped on it when I had the chance and picked up two. There are a few others that I have single sticks of sitting and waiting as well, but nothing specific set out for those or any smoke really.

  21. I celebrated the birth of my goddaughter with a Padrón 50th Anniversary.(white band with black number)

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