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The Velvet Rat by Drew Estate – Cigar Review (1,000 Subscriber Video!)

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Hit 1000 all thanks to you guys! So I decided to smoke something special. The Velvet Rat was a cigar given to me by Steve Saka, the CEO of Drew Estate. This…

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  1. @Kyle Binkley I’m trying! Been busy lately. Thanks!

  2. @GOLD117on thanks a ton dude!

  3. @Nokomisclub Hahah. Had to put those clips in. Thanks man!

  4. Man u gotta post more often, love the reviews, love ur cigar selection!!!

  5. Nice review

  6. I’m addicted to your videos. Really want to try this cigar

  7. Great review as usual Derek. Thanks! – Johnny Brooke, Drew Estate

  8. I’ve had one and it was great. Can’t wait for the release of these in the
    coming months (2-3)

  9. The little cut in clips alone should be worth another 100 subscribers! Good
    job as usual

  10. 1000 subscriptions, congrats. That’s a real accomplishment.

  11. Good going Derek. Your reviews are great man….F**## that PMSing toolbag
    Bryan Glynn!!!

  12. its all good man, i really enjoy ur vids, i understand how it goes man, i
    barely have time tosmoke with work and the wife lol, thanks for the vids!

  13. Badass dude! I’m freaking jealous! Great review as always!

  14. 1:18 lol

  15. good luck on the next 1000 subs. I love the vids but the fucking music
    drives me nuts! hahah keep up the good work.

  16. @tobaccofrank thanks Frank!

  17. 7:49 LOOK AT THAT BURN!!

  18. @Socal these aren’t going to be release in the coming months (2-3) more
    like next year 2014 if lucky

  19. Congrats man! and f***ing awesome vid I have to try one that sounds like an
    excellent smoke! Cheers man -Dustan

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