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The Top 29 Occasions to enjoy a cigar (f. Grab-A-Gar)

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There are literally countless occasions and reasons to enjoy a cigar. Here are just 29 of them. Drop us a comment with your best occasion for lighting up a good cigar.

And if you want to check out Grab-a-gar. Here’s a link. They’re really affordable.


  1. Yes Bradley I'm student and I'm 15 years old and on smok cigars

  2. you say long filler, but the website says Cuban sandwich, what's the difference?

  3. You have just finished watching Heartbreak ridge. Gunny Highway kills for a cigar

  4. I think cigar snobs dislike your videos. just shut up and enjoy the damn stick. Great videos guys! I plan to buy from you all here shortly. Just waiting on my paycheck i cant wait. Ive got a shopping list set and ready to go.

  5. Bradley do you still ride?

  6. how do you guys feel about punch cigars?!?

  7. ITT TECH closed before I graduated…

  8. The greatest YouTube channel. These guys complement each other very well and you can tell these guys are good friends. Funny with entertainment and education pertaining to cigars.

  9. goodbye ears! I had my headphones in!

  10. For me….. If I wake up in the morning! 🙂

  11. The best time to have a great cigar is when you been dreaming about going to see your favorite band since you were 18 in concert. That's the perfect time to enjoy a tasty Cigar.

  12. punched a cigar.. time to smoke a cigar

  13. Love the NEW intro!!! Keep this one!! Great video guys!

  14. 4th of July! The celebration of our nation's independence is always a great reason for a fine cigar.

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