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The Top 10 Cigar Smoking Celebrities!!!

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In this video, we’re talking about 10 celebrities that we regard as the best of all time. Enjoy!

Who is your favorite cigar smoking celebrity of all time? drop us a comment!

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  1. What about Hugh Jackman 😀

  2. What about Rush Limbaugh? He even posts his faves on his website.

  3. Mark twain….my favourite celebrity cigar smoker….said I smoke in moderation…one at a time. Classic.

  4. I thought Fidel Castro would be on this list somewhere, almost every single picture ever taken of the man he had a cigar in his mouth!

  5. George Burns. But then, I'm a Boomer. Lived to be 100+ smoking 8-10 cigars a day!

  6. mark twain smoked corn cob pipes Arnold Schwarzenegger wins

  7. Definitely Arnold Schwarzenegger

  8. Paul Sorvino and James Cagney. There, I'm showing my age.

  9. guess fidel castro didn't make the cut? lol

  10. JFK is my favorite cigar smoker

  11. Lol love the shirt! The vids are cool too

  12. how come you guys never do flavored cigars?

  13. when you think of bill murray as an actor "Zombieland" can't be the first thing that comes to mind XD
    he was fantastic in Lost in Translation.

  14. Guys, great channel. Love the humor.. Don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but when Bradley talks and laughs all I hear is Seth Rogan!!

  15. Great list. However, how do you have a list of cigar smoking celebrities without two of THE originals: Groucho Marx and George Burns? These guys smoked their entire lives and are known just as much for their cigar smoking as they are for their acting and comedy.

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