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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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The Top 10 Cigar Lighters of 2017

Posted by in Cigar Review

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What’s the best cigar lighter you’ve ever owned? Drop us a comment!

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  1. Glad to see more video's guys !
    Do any of you guys use matches , non added sulphur one's ?

  2. You guys are Christians?…I was stoked about your channel before, but now I'm turning my cigar/bible study group on to you guys and TNT!

  3. I love my Xikar Ultra Mag Combo. Great lighter and a great slim cutter attached to it with a magnet.

  4. Sorry Tim but Bradley is right about the oxygen for the lighters. Still really enjoy your videos

  5. I'm just getting into cigars (just turned 19 and smoking age in NJ is 19) and I recently go the vertigo cyclone and it is a phenomenal little lighter. Unfortunately I have very few cigar shops in my area (JR cigars by me doesn't sell tobacco to people under 21?!) so its been rough but I manage. Love the videos keep up the great stuff!

  6. Bradley, Agree with the New Yorker. It even has a fuel window. I have a few for some reason. Maybe I need help? Tim uses gas station matches 🙂 . Great video again guys.

  7. please make the even Jesus doesn't like Millennials t-shirt I will buy a box of them

  8. I have a xikar 5 by 56 I love it just because I think the round designs really unique it's not as wind resistant at as I would like but it has a large Reservoir and who can complain about a lifetime warranty

  9. Thanks now I know all about Lighters. LOL!!! REBUKED 😎

  10. Just came back from the hospital, and damn that intro made me laugh! Greetings from Canada! Love your videos, keep it up guys!! 🙂

  11. Do an experiment tape off the vents and see if it still lights

  12. best lighter I've ever owned. a $1.29 gas station bic lighter.

  13. Very new to cigars, and hence, lighters. I had a quad torch, and it stopped lighting even before the original butane ran out. I tried bleeding it, and refilling it with premium butane, but still no luck. Garbage lighter! Then I bought a Xikar ELX Element and the thing lights up like butter. Refilled it twice with primo butane and no issues whatsoever. Both come with a punch, but I never use them… always just used a cutter.

  14. You guys should do a video on why the cigar industry and wrist watch industry are so commonly together and your opinions.

  15. I get my lighters on ebay because my $5 eBay lighter is better than my $100 name brand lighter.

  16. You guys are great. I especially love that in a time when it seams that god an guns are being persecuted you guys stand up for both, and this is a cigar show. I love all of it. God bless and keep it up.

  17. I always use a match or two when lighting up my cigars.

  18. What do you think about the frameless (plasma) lighters?

  19. What fuel woud you recommend, hear a lot of things about different qualities in butane companies.

  20. Burns loud and hot…sounds like Bradly…

  21. the lotus I got for free in the range ammo package

  22. Came for lighter banter not disappointed

  23. I use a zippo because I'm old fashioned. I know they're not the best for cigars but it works.

  24. I was JUST starting to research the best lighter to buy to add to my collection. I'm shocked though you misspelled xikar

  25. Great duo and love the lighter reviews awesome

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