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The Stogie Brahdah. Inexpensive cigar humidor on the CHEAP.

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  1. Nice vid. Ill have to make a similar setup as my humidor is already full
    and I cannot justify buying another one. Ill keep my ready-to-smoke in the
    tupperdore. New cigars go in my humidor. Good vid and makes perfect sense
    to me ;-)

  2. This is not a bad idea.

  3. Would try and keep the temp below 25 Degrees. If you have Beetle eggs then
    your prized cigar’s just become a fine banquette. But it’s a very cost
    effective way to store cigars. For humidification ever though of Boveda
    packs. They come in a wide range of Humidity ranges and are two way so if
    you start to get over humidification, they’ll absorb the excess. Add the
    packs inside a air tight container will last a very long time, with the
    benefit of the packs can be recharged and reused. You will need 1-4 packs
    for use then 1-4 packs as the replacement whilst you recharge the first

  4. What if you dont have the bottom piece planks ?

  5. I stand corrected. Just think it looks very tacky my own personal opinion

  6. Good video.I think it’s a great way off controlling the cost tho I would
    love one of the top-top end ones.

  7. 70 degrees is where you want to be. Hot temps you’ll get cigar beetles

  8. Do you think that not opening the tupperdors every day could give the
    cigars a bitter taste? I’ve been having an issue with bitter taste. I tend
    to think that this is from overhumidification. However, I don’t have burn
    issues – I have draw issues. My tupperdors started as a stop gap until I
    got a real humidor but my cigars have been in them for over a year now. I
    open at least 3-4 times a week but not every day.

  9. Check out (cigarhumidification dotnet) for great deals on humidity beads
    in 65% and 70% RH. There’s also a great selection of tubes to hold the
    humidity beads in sold with or without beads. You can get 2 pounds for
    cheaper than a pound of Heartfelt! I recommend taking a look!

  10. Did you use ethilene glycol or something similar for the bacterias? What
    kind of water did you use?

  11. under $20

  12. The problem with plastic is that if it gets hot in the house the plastic
    will cook your cigars.

  13. @Dave Biddle I don’t have that problem because I use humidifier pillows
    that regulate it at 67%. I haven’t had bitter cigars. Maybe puncturing some
    pinholes would help with circulation.

  14. Recently, I’ve left the cover very slightly open, one side locked and the
    other side unlocked, and I moved to a cooler part of the house. The same
    can be said of a wood humidifier. Too warm and the cigars heat up, but I’ve
    found that they don’t get damaged and they taste fine to me. BTW,
    Tuperdores are very popular.

  15. I used distilled water. NEVER use tap. That’s all I use.

  16. Well, it’s been two years and no beetles. But, I will move all my humidors
    in a cooler area this year just to safe. Thanks for the comment and

  17. Looks like a good idea and I am going a bit more basic to bring back some
    old cigars. Will use cedar box and moisture but with all of the cigars not
    wrapped does the taste take on the cedar or any issues with that or dry or
    wet cigars?

  18. if u using the tupperdor , u must open it regularly once a day.. because
    the plastic makes the air “get trapped” and doesnt have a circulation.. by
    the way… Nice Collections man .. *sorry for bad

  19. if u have the temp over 80 then u run the risk of cigar beetles hatching

  20. Sorry for the delay Any plastic container will do. No particular brand. Go
    to a 99 cent store. Mine cost $3.99.

  21. @Dave Biddle

  22. Hi Phil, I recommend a digital meter. Tons of them on ebay. Analog is
    cheaper but less accurate. You can get them mailed from china CHEAP, but
    it’s up to you. I also have suggest a humidity pillow. They will keep the
    level steady and are reusable. Total cost may be around $10 just for these

  23. Great video, great idea also… How much would the hydrometer and
    humidifier cost me? I don’t have either of them.

  24. Great idea! What is the brand of the container you’re using?

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