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The Siglo 4 smoke 70 yr old Cuban cigars

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Dr. Joe Vitale brought an unopened box of pre-embargo Cuban cigars to our Siglo 4 meeting- watch as Craig Perrine, Bill Hibbler and Pat O’Bryan enjoy.

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  1. Odd that the cellophane didn’t have a tint to it, probably just couldn’t
    tell from the video quality

  2. the red guy seems very kind. it can be sold like $300 per stick on ebay but
    he gave sticks to his friends for free of charge. i wish i have that

  3. Because he didn’t say they were smoking siglo 4. He said they were at a
    meeting of the famous siglo 4.

  4. I hear that! Our country should change its slogan to: “Canada: America Done

  5. Fun video for us cigar fans to watch. Real characters. Thanks for posting!

  6. Holy shit it burned blue did anybody else notice that…

  7. nice box of stogies…

  8. I am healed.

  9. This is like the nerdy version of some stoners getting an ounce of cali kush

  10. what brand are these cigars???

  11. Expensive-rare-beautiful-aged and he lights it like a damn cigarette…

  12. apparently cellophane has been around since 1912

  13. You have to be very careful with Cigars. To Many FAKES

  14. Joe, U need now to revise your part on the Secret dvd, called properly, the
    Cuban secret unveiled.

  15. first of all, who has $8,500 to spend on a box of cigars these days?

  16. @Careica definitely, Cohibas from 1967 on.

  17. i wonder whats in the box? cigars in a cigar box, holy shit!

  18. @Careica he mentioned being at a siglo 4 meeting. hes not saying the cigars
    are siglo 4.

  19. it seems like they added marijuana to the cigar

  20. Is that shit burning blue?!

  21. @CoolXer0 Canada: America’s Hat.

  22. @uiwi you’re not suposed to inhale

  23. Wish I was there. I wouldve shared my 50 year old Seagrams VO. Awesome!
    Cigar Fan!

  24. there is a box for thses cigars for sale in the UK, bids start at £600.

  25. @Careica it is.

  26. @CoolXer0 Canada: America’s bitch

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