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The “Say Hello to My Little Friend!” Update!! Scarface Humidor!!

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Hello people!! Today I’ll be reviewing one of my most precious jewels: The Scarface Humidor!! A special thanks to my great friend Cory Hatfield for the help …


  1. Am I the only one that came here for tits? I mean don’t get me wrong, I
    love tony montana and cigars but she’s just something else. My god!

  2. wow you buy the humidor,amazing!! congrats 🙂

  3. That is awesome Sammy! So glad I subbed your channel? Are there any other
    editions that you are still looking for? It seems that you have everything!

  4. Courage and money dude , thats what you need to have this box.

  5. i just add you on facebook

  6. every nice edition i was gonna get a less fancy version of the cigar case
    from amazon UK but i had nowhere to put it so i settled for the steel book
    instead. btw have you watched the original scarface from the 30s? it is far
    less violent and it is about smuggling alcohol not cocaine but the premise
    is still the same

  7. wow! that edition is amazing scarface is my favourite al pacino
    great to have you back samantha.lookin forward to more of your updates.

  8. I prefer the cheaper special edition shaped like a cigar box

  9. Oooh, nice set you have there! 😛

  10. welcome back

  11. I tried, Lol. – Bluprint

  12. Awesome edition! Looks real quality 🙂

  13. Great video Sammy! Wow that Scarface boxset is pretty amazing and a real
    humidor, my Dad smokes cigars, I hate the smell! lol What on earth is
    flying across the screen at like 2:00 look like UFOs!!! Spooky…lol!

  14. Jesus!!, Where have you been Sammy!, Your videos always make me happier 😀
    AC/DC and Scarface rockin us!

  15. Wow what a cool collection in the background Sammy.

  16. Gostei muito do seu video, é linda esta edição! Parabéns Sammy 😀

  17. Sammy sempre arrasando nos vídeos! Parabéns pela edição! Show!

  18. Great video Sammy! Thanks for the shout out too. I actually polished my
    humidor yesterday haha. It’s so shiny now.

  19. What is your secret Sammy ?? You’re getting more and more beautiful in each
    video !!!

  20. so glad your making vids again Sammy

  21. Nice set.

  22. Nice box set. I think its more of a cigar collectors edition than a movie
    collectors box set. Still very cool and nice.

  23. You have got some serious tits, it’s a distraction from the main reveiw.

  24. 1:12 my god she is so sexy latina

  25. welcome back Sammy last week I bought Uk cheap cigar box edition (really
    its good but not perfect I mean bluray has got 2 discs 1 DVD and 1 regular
    bluray.Slipcase is horrible.They put most horrible picture of Tony Montane
    I mean calm pose.And also its quite expensive 40 british pounds (£) what
    the heck) and it was awfull that they even removed steelbook of scarface
    bluray.But this edition is really hardcore.I guess Im gonna continue with
    my cigar cheap box 😛

  26. I’ve just recently gone on an Argento collecting frenzy Sammy!, I haven’t
    see all his great movies since I was a kid so I decided to buy them all 😀

  27. Only 1000! That’s a really nice find Sammy, you manage find some very
    unusual sets 😉

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