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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. OMG you guys are HILARIOUS!!! ily guys!!! tell savannah i said hi! and keep
    on making video!! (tylan says hi) lol love you guys!! XOXOXO -Tylan

  2. wow. katy. you’re so rude.

  3. welllll…interesting.

  4. the honk was hilarious….:)

  5. dont fall in savannah lol that was my favorite part

  6. wow you guyss are sooooooo hilarous !!! like you super funny hahah yeahhh i
    think i said that already but yeahh your awsome !!! ..

  7. a cheap imitation of miley and mandy show nobody deserves that

  8. hmm… someones jelous they weren’t there this time for the video… =]
    bahhaha. katy.

  9. hey savannah and kendra i love all your shows their hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  10. why would i wanna be there when you guys are mean & just want us to record
    you. :] notice i left when you guys kept doing it last time. :]

  11. U guys rock!! HEEHEE:) I LUV 2 LAUGH

  12. tyhis is just a total different side of savannah… the onlt side i knew
    about her was that she was like “thank you for making my dream come true”

  13. Savannah seems so different to her videos. Its good that she has a really
    good life out of work =) she seems a really fun and kind person to hang out
    with and kenda.

  14. u said kenda lol…kenda lol

  15. i don’t know if this was just a joke or not but first, they aren’t annoying
    they are amzing and second.. i think this girl (Dancerr77) is jealous! keep
    on doing this !

  16. you guys are so annoying.

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