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The Nica Rustica by Drew Estate – Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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A brand new cigar from the guys over at Drew Estate! Awesome smoke for the price. Go to your local shop and pick one up!


  1. Cool intro

  2. ratings disabled?

  3. I’m a huge Drew Estate fan. The Nica Rustica is a great cigar. Especially
    for that price. I smoked a few to date. Very nice.

  4. Decent review. Now go smoke those damned Liga Privadas!

  5. Great review Derek. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  6. Awesome review thanks , will look for this one

  7. nice review

  8. Hells yeah! I’m going to pick up some of these soon, and some Kentucky Fire
    Cured to boot. I am excite!

  9. I’ll have to look this one up, sounds great

  10. Great :)

  11. glad to see you’re back!

  12. Awesome review man!

  13. Great to see ya making videos again.

  14. Glad you’re back making videos! Was worried you just quit. 

  15. Thanks for the review. Cant wait to hopefully try one at Silo Cigars
    tomorrow. Where the heck have u been? Miss the reviews!

  16. All the drew smokes are priced way to high for what they are.

  17. Awesome review, glad to see you’re back!

  18. Derek, great review

  19. That cigar was awesome. I freaking loved it I need to buy a box.

  20. nice review, thanks….u got fat yo!

  21. The guy rich who your toured his humidor you said he did reviews what’s his
    YouTube page?

  22. Good to see ya back… Makes me really wish I still had my review channel
    up. But I smoked some right before they came out when the rep came by, and
    I that time when I smoked em, that first light up is weird for DE… It’s
    like really, this is what they made and gave a ton of hype about? Then I
    got like a half inch in and the flavors really opened up and its great.
    It’s not SUPPOSED to be smooth or refined, but its not too strong and the
    in your face kind of flavor profile really makes it interesting.
    Unfortunately, at the price, I smoked too many when they hit the shelves
    and I unfortunately burnt my pallet out on them. So Its gonna be a few
    months before I get back into them. But great review, can’t wait to see
    more. btw, have you smoked the padilla reserva maduros or CLE Corojo Plus
    yet? like to hear your opinion on those guys

  23. It’s great to see a new review! I’ve heard lots of good things about the
    Nica Rustica. It’s on my list. Do you find that you smoke a lot less during
    the winter? I know I do. 

  24. Drew Estate whores think anything he puts out is gold, another failed stick
    from DE

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