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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. @OneManSmoke Thanks dude. I think I saw your video of you opening the box
    with the Opus. And I’m saving up for a Jake Hackert pipe. The one you have
    with the red bit is beautiful.

  2. You have your lighters backwards, a torch is far superior to a natural
    flame lighter. Butane torch lighters produce no flavor whatsoever while
    natural lighters using lighter fluid do produce a chemical flavor… At
    least that is what every cigar website and cigar store owner has ever told

  3. Man, if i smoked like you did, I’d be puking my brain’s out. 🙂 Good
    review’s though. Keep up the good work.

  4. What year is your jeep? TJ?

  5. @PJSeg52 I’ve got a couple of these, smoked my first one the other night
    and while it was a pretty good flavor the burn on it was terribly uneven
    and didn’t really correct itself. From what ive read this is uncommon.
    Wonder if I did something wrong somehow.

  6. I hope you’re not serious.

  7. I would have liked to see a review on this if it had no label and you
    didn’t know what it was. Overplayed a bit.

  8. Wow… Derek. This is the most… I guess calm but excited I’ve seen you in
    a video. You look like you are so careful with it, and I understand. Great
    review brother!

  9. Great review on a awesome stick. I have 8 of them left in my humi and go to
    them on special occasions. Great to see you back on the cigar reviews!

  10. love Opus. wish it was easier to find

  11. @boriscigarreviews Thanks man! And yeah, I was very careful with this one.
    Didn’t want to mess it up in any way. Lol.

  12. @GlockDropNRoll No I don’t. Lol. I have a Xikar torch which runs off the
    same exact butane my soft flame lighter does. This is the Corona Old Boy
    lighter. There’s no flavor in either of my lighters. I think you’re
    confusing the one I used with a Bic or Zippo. I don’t use lighters that use
    fluid to light my cigars. Just butane gas lighters.

  13. Great review….I got something you should review….hit me up. Your a
    funny MFer….lol

  14. The sweetness you talk about can also be found in the Fuente 8-5-8. Thanks
    for the review!

  15. You like strong cigars try the – Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 – a great
    powerhouse ( very relaxing ) stick for around 7 bux. Can be hard to find…
    good deals online though

  16. Thanks for the review. would you say its worth buying a box of 10 of these
    ranging from $280-$300?

  17. Yep just how I remember it the first time I smoked one of these. And juste
    recently a friend gifted me one so I am looking forward to that. Good
    review buddy keep em smokin. Salam

  18. @RedditCigarReviews It’s a bad ass pipe I love it Jake made it special for
    me. You will love it Ricky SmokeShow71 just got one. Salam

  19. @RedditCigarReviews Hmm… I did notice that it was very expensive online.
    I’ll have to look in some of the shops around me. Thanks man.

  20. @RedditCigarReviews So along with the Opus X and the Undercrown, what are
    the other three that make up your top five?

  21. @RedditCigarReviews I could tell. Also, when you re-lit it at the end with
    almost nothing left, that tells me the quality of the cigar. To relight at
    the nub says a lot about the quality of the cigar. I want to try an Opus X
    so bad. I may have to bite the bullet and spend the money. I’m too damn
    broke right now though. Damn college.

  22. The Perfecxion 4 was my first and only Opus X to date. Utterly superb!

  23. @dane7902 hmmm. padron 1964, man o war ruination, and oliva serie v. lol

  24. Ive been collecting opus x cigars and I have about 24 of them and barely
    tried my first one today. It is hard to smoke them when u can barely aford
    them because they are delicious. Cheers!

  25. what are your top 3 cigars?

  26. “tooken” lol. Great video. Might have to track down one of those sticks.

  27. …tend to prefer smaller rings in my fav nica blends. For my money the
    sweet spot for opus is in the 48-52 range

  28. I’ve been smoking opus since the beginning and contrary to the armchair
    forum bashers it’s every bit what it was years ago. Crops change so as with
    any cigar or wine some vintages are better than others. They can also be
    very different vitola to vitola and in my experience are usually best with
    1-3 years of age. My fav vitolas are the #2, the Perfecxion X, and the
    robusto. All very different. IMO the filler is really key so the corona #4
    and petite corona #5 are my least fav. Interesting as I t

  29. @boriscigarreviews Don’t buy online. They’re twice as much. Look for them
    in some shops. This one is like $15.

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