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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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The Football Cigar First Down Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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The Football Cigar First Down Cigar Review This unique 72×4.5 stick is obviously shaped like a football, aimed at fans and collectors. The company makes uniq…



  1. Saw the first review. Really happy this one was a success. Looks like it
    would be a fun smoke.

  2. This cigar makes me nervous. For a 72 ring gauge you make it sound in the
    90 range. Good Job, I think Ill pass on this one. 

  3. I’d love to try the football cigar

  4. This is really cool.. might be looking into getting my dad one of those, he
    is a big football fan.. as long at its not like 30$ for the cigar and like
    100$ for shipping and danish taxes.. lol.. 

  5. would be neat to show up to a super bowl party with one

  6. Touchdown!

  7. Much improvement I see

  8. pretty cool

  9. Very cool!!

  10. That’s a good looking stick! Would get a lot of conversation going with
    that one for sure!

  11. I want one of those cool cigars please. :)

  12. I’ve seen a Baseball Bat Shaped cigar at my work but don’t know much about

  13. Who doesn’t love easy contests? I would be more than pleased to try these

  14. Wooh, I’d like one. :D

  15. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  16. Thanks for the review buddy! Glad this one was a vast improvement on the
    last :)

  17. Can u guys tell me wat kind on mild – medium cigars u like

  18. Seems like a pretty awesome cigar, my question though, would team based
    cigars differ in taste ? Due to use of different leaf? 

  19. Is there a 1:1 full sized basketball shaped cigar? Completely round? Now
    that’s a million dollar idea right there, I tell ya..

  20. Great review!

  21. It turned 18 and my humidor got here today but I have an absence of cigars
    in it. It would be cool if you sent me it but it’s alright if you don’t

  22. unique cigar. great review!!

  23. Great looking stick. Would be fun to try it.

  24. Laces out!!! I guess the problem is identifying the new ones vs. the old

  25. I like your jacket.

  26. It’s nice to see a cigar that’s both fun AND enjoyable! Nice vid as always,

  27. Id like to smoke that at a football game

  28. This would to be a great gift for my neighbor he just became a grandpa!

  29. very cool & unique!

  30. It’s reassuring to see the improvement. The first edition struck me as a
    failed gimmick but with the improvements, it feels like I could make this a
    legitimate gift. Thanks for offering one in a drawing!

  31. Keep up the good work!

  32. Great video, just started watching your videos about a week ago. Had a
    question is there a suggestion for Humidor for someone just getting into
    cigars? I have been looking on Amazon but wanted to know if you have any

  33. Glad the cigar was enjoyable. I smoked an acid cigar tonight at the
    firehouse. Can’t say I liked it. I tried. Just not into flavored cigars.
    The football cigar looks interesting. If I see one. I’d try it. 

  34. Go Noles!

  35. It looks like maybe the maduro wrappers are adding some flavor to it. I
    would guess it’s the cinnamon part 🙂 When you hit the first maduro band
    you had it, then again when you hit the laces. Great video like always.

  36. Love this channel. Dont get to light up very often but i love watching
    these reviews!

  37. groovy

  38. Niven of you to give a cigar away, hope I win!!

  39. Unique stuff never lasts with me: Nice cigar, I’ll smoke; nice gun, I’ll
    shoot it; (when I was a kid) Cool toy, I’ll play with it until it breaks.
    Thanks for your reviews. 

  40. Nice to see an improvement from the last, so throw that over my way.

  41. Glad they decided to make a real cigar and not just a gimmick. I’m
    confident they will see and increase in sales.

  42. be fun to whip this out for the superbowl

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