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The Drew Estate Undercrown – Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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9.25 out of 10. Absolutely INCREDIBLE.


  1. I’ve watched this review like five times now. I love your reaction to this
    cigar. This is the same way I reacted when I had the Crowned Heads Headley
    Grange for the first time. Its an exciting feeling.

  2. I am pretty sure you were going to say “your going to fucking like this”
    lol and made it pg. JD, it’s good to see you back these regular cool folks.

  3. @RedditCigarReviews Hey you weren’t kidding about this stick, just got one
    today and it was awesome! Such a relaxing and flavorful smoke! And I
    probably would have never found this jewel had it not been for your review,
    so thanks!

  4. Cannot find these anywhere in the UK.

  5. There is a smoke shop near me and they always are low in stock. They can’t
    keep them. I loved them and buy them 5 at a time.

  6. that is my second favorite. If you like that, try an Alec Bradley
    tempus…along the same line but even better.

  7. Great stick… ive got just one in my humi and i think its gonna sit there
    for a long time… awesome smoke and flavor.

  8. please add to mobile playlist!

  9. @MaduroFuma Thanks man! I actually had another one last night that my boss
    gave to me. I’ve been trying to talk the cigar shop that I go to to buy a
    box of Undercrowns and LP #9’s. And the Ave Maria is really good, but I
    think that the Undercrown was better suited to my taste. I wouldn’t
    hesitate to grab a box! Lol. Thanks for watching dude!

  10. This is one of my favorite cigars.

  11. @mensgarsmokeluvr Thanks dude! And thank you for subscribing!

  12. Derek is the man !!

  13. black keys are the shit

  14. Great Review Derek! I’ve had only one experience with the Undercrown and I
    can’t say I agree with your score kind sir. We have similar points where we
    do agree such as the cigar is definitely box-worthy! Also the construction
    notes, the copious amounts of smoke that the cigar produces. I’m not off by
    much in regards to scoring, however, what I feel differs from our reviews
    amounts to taste (palate-wise). I’d put the cigar in the 8.25 – 8.75 range.
    The Ave Maria you mentioned is 9/10 for me.

  15. it truly is a phenomenal cigar!!!

  16. dude im an army ranger an me and my buddies watch your reviews to see what
    sticks to smoke after training.thanks bro

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