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The Douglass Field S Lighter: A Quick Nick Review

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Today, a quick look at the Douglass Field S EDC Lighter, a beautiful little object which also happens to produce fire.



  1. they make another model that has almost no shroud and you don't ned to unscrew the striker.

  2. Was looking at the lighter, then I saw the GS. forgot everything else

  3. I'll call myself 'panache' from now on =)

  4. It has a WW I Trench Lighter, sort o,f look.

  5. watched ,,why so serious" – peace duke пиздюк made my day it was damn best joke 😀 доброго дня ник….досвидание:D

  6. Best budget EDC is the original Clipper lighter. Refillable butane, replaceable flint, and damn near lasts forever. Cheers.

  7. Hope that you review a few more lighters, including the ones you quickly showed in this video. This looks purpose designed to light a cigarette or perhaps a wick you manoeuvre to suit (Molotov cocktail?!) that you would hold downwards over the flame. For everyday candle or gas stove/lamp lighting, maybe not so much. It might be a good survival tool to light a wood fire in an emergency but even then if you light bush fires regularly I'm sure there are better options that would make the job easier.

    Weight is 2.35oz BTW.

  8. Uhh.. ever heard of the Imco Triplex?

  9. This lighter looks very nice, however my problem with Zippo's or any kerosene lighter Fluid type lighters is they tant the tobacco and so it kills the flavor of a cigarettes / cigar.
    I would not recommend these type of lighters for smoking anything.
    However they would be very handy for camping & tramping, or as a back up for a Civil Defence kit (bug out) as they can burn more liquids and oils than a butane lighter can.
    Also fluid type lighters like this look much better than most butane lighters & have more character over any plastic Bic or Cricket lighter thats for sure!

  10. Buy a Zippo and throw a Delica into your cart for the same money!

  11. I miss the hippopotamus in the size comparison

  12. How about this marketing slogan, "It's not a lighter, it's an affectation"?

  13. it is a high end imco. imco has been making this kind of lighter for like a century

  14. I'm with the Jim Morrison school of ignition, Nick. You know, " Come on Baby light my fire." Its so much easier. Cheers and burn baby burn.

  15. Cash makes the coochy go woo woo- always remember that and you'll know why items like this exist. This is no survival tool- though I'm sure it would work as one- it's a status symbol- cost about 125 bucks or so. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with owning one mind you, I think they're beautiful, but they're art above everything else- that's why they cost so much.

  16. "I don't smoke unless I'm on fire"
    Nick Shapazz

  17. check out the peanut lighters you can get a generic one 2 for 2.50 on ebay or a brandname tru utility lighter for around 15$

  18. That's a cool lighter. I'll have to try one out.
    I carry a Zippo (1 of a 100 or so). I have them from late 1936 to the present but 85% are pre-1968. The best ones made (quality & longevity wise) were made from 1954 to 1957. Find one in nice shape from those years and you'll see what I mean. Thanks for the review.

  19. Not just important for survival. well in a way.. If you want to smoke and suddenly out of fuel it also becomes about survival so this extra fuel is really an aweesome idea.

  20. Oh you can't take out the inside to use it as a match?

  21. Do you have link to buy lighter?

  22. "I don't smoke unless I'm on fire"

  23. I 've use a dupont lighter when i smoke my pipes. I donn't know this.

  24. Making it out of entirely metal must've made it heavy. Don't you wish it were a… little lighter?

  25. Pretty cool lighter! A bit pricey. If you get a chance, check out the Saberlight Sparq plasma lighter. It's very well made, rechargeable, and definitely has a wow factor when you fire it up. It's windproof and only costs $16. There is a long stick version that I use to light the BBQ grill and works well on candles. Every time I use either one around friends or family, everyone wants to play with it…

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