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The CC-300 Cigar Humidor Demo ► NewAir

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With the U.S. lifting the ban on Cuban Cigars, many are now wondering how to prepare for the proper care and aging of fine cigars. In this video tutorial we give an overview of the CC-300 cigar humidor from NewAir, and offer a few insightful tips on how to properly care for and store your Cuban cigars.

This humidor supports the gradual aging process for cigars and helps them mature to the right flavor and consistency. The key to aging a cigar correctly is humidity. You have to keep the humidity right or there’s a risk your cigars will develop mold, or dry out. Dry cigars become fragile and bitter in taste, and damp cigars get imbued with a heavy, acidic flavor. The cigar humidor hygrometer built into the shelf measures the level of moisture so you can see where the humidity level is at at all times.

The CC-300 is a new take on the cigar humidor. It is a very classy way to exhibit your collection. It can hold up to 400 cigars, which you can display in their boxes, or on the racks individually, if you like. The shelves are spaced vertically to accommodate standard cigar boxes, and horizontally to show off individual cigars. They are removable if you want to rearrange the order, or accommodate even larger boxes. You can move the hygrometer shelf lower to let the LED light shine more brightly if you want.

This cigar humidor uses hand-made Spanish Cedar for its shelves, which is the industry-standard of wood. Many other humidors use American Red Cedar, or Honduran Mahogany, but Spanish Cedar is the best because it helps maintain the humidity level, and bring out the flavor of the cigar. It also helps the cigar aging process. Spanish cedar has the special ability to protect against insects, and nearly every kind of pest, even termites; and especially the most common enemy of cigars, the tobacco worm.

The ideal temperature for aging a cigar is between 65 degrees and 73 degrees. You can adjust it to that with the easy to use digital controls. This optimum temperature is standard for Cuban cigars, Dominican cigars, or the award winning cigars produced in Nicaragua.

Humidity is key when aging a cigar, and the level you want to keep it at for best preservation results is 65% to 75%. The cigar humidor hygrometer is labeled to indicate the range that is most ideal.

For more information on maintaining the recommended humidity level for your cigars, see our tutorial video “How To Humidify a Humidor”:

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  1. How is this a humidor? Isn't this a cooler?

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