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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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The BIG SECRET about the CIGAR INDUSTRY that nobody wants you to know!

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In this video, I’ll reveal the biggest secret about how the cigar industry works, and how we use it to provide incredible value on TNT Cigars.

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  1. Most entertaining and probably straight forward – HOWEVER – methinks I shall stay with name brands like Padron and the big boys where 99% of the time you get what you pay for. I have had a few 'store brands' that are supposed to be "just as good" but end up being garbage and in the garbage.  My price for insurance may be more than your store brand BUT to me it's worth it.
    Do enjoy your video's
    Take care

  2. Tim, received my sticks yesterday. All is well. Smoking the creama this morning with my coffee. Awesome smoke dude. Can't wait to try the others. I I am a sales rep, and smoke about two cigars a day while traveling. Crooked beard is Up Next. Thanks, Mark

  3. Have mercy and share the love with your international customers too!

  4. I would like to order bunch of stuff from you guys, but unfortunately you don't ship to Europe. I even tried contacting you on your orders email and got no response. Thanks for the videos anyway

  5. Thanks for asking – I like Brick House and Tabak Especials.  Do you guys deal with the makes of these cigars?

  6. Don't think they're made anymore but I used to buy (ad love) Chevere' cigars…from Jamaica if I remember correctly. They were about as good a bundle stick as it got, for me, back in the early to late 1990's and just beyond. Loved Jamaican cigars.

  7. hey I stopped smoking cigs and cannabis which one is be best and luxuries cigar in the market and is it better to buy in boxes or singles

  8. want to know if you guys have 4 blew of the red Luna, and also 3 bundles of the triple barber pole by far best cigars. I bought a bundle of triple barber pole and a fiver of the red Luna, want to stop by tomorrow ??

  9. you guys have good bundle sticks but i cant see the price difference, im from phoenix and went to mesa, ive smoked your liga drew estate copy cat theyre good but nica rustica is still a superior stick

  10. so far the best bundle cigar I've ever had is Super Premium Seconds Villazon Factory. I'm positive they were unbranded Punch Bareknuckle. Extremely good value.

  11. To be honest, this is the video that won me over. Love the honesty and sincerity – goes a hell of a long way in business and customer interactions.

    Will purchase my first big bundle when I visit the States in July!

  12. As someone that has gotten into the 'finer' cigars in the past couple years, I have to wonder: Is the sector growing with new consumers or is it growing due to more consumption per smoker? I feel like the sector, as a whole, has fewer buyers vs the 50s/60s/70s, but those that do smoke cigars are smoking more, thus ordering more.

  13. First, I appreciate what you guys do, providing relevant information to the old and new alike. With that said, I'm a Padron smoker, I have been searching for years to find a cheaper alternative. Low and behold, I have heard you guys talk about the King's Anniversary and went to the website to order a bundle to try. BUT, to my diappointment, none such bundles could be found. How do I get some?

  14. I love the website!! My free sticker & Just joined the newsletter! #HelloFromTheEastCoast
    I'll be certain the GS Trading Floor have TNT as a staple.

  15. I love your videos. Not only are they informative, but highly entertaining as well. I would love to see some more blind taste tests.

  16. my favorite cigar is the Oliva meliano. I don't think I spelled it right. But I love these cigars also the Rocky Patel vintage 1990

  17. Tim, got that bundle ordered today. Looking forward to trying your sticks.

  18. Excellent Video and really heartfelt. Makes me want to try some TNT Bundles. Good Job!

  19. I nice insight on how you work, it's all about saving money and for you the retailer making money , I would buy from u but shipping cost for me in uk high

  20. I recently tried your Crooked Beard Lancero and it was fantastic. Can't wait to try your Liga No. 10.

  21. Rosa Cuba is a great bundled cigar.

  22. Thanks for the content. You have a new subscriber.

  23. the wank is strong with these guys I looked at the website and price for the bundles is the same if not more than if I go down and buy by the stick at my local shop

  24. wow the video quality is getting really good!

  25. Tim and Bradley, does TNT ship to the UK?

  26. kind of really enjoy the "My Uzi Weighs a Ton Bait Fish 4" bundles of 25… nice vid

  27. Tim, what is about import cigars to Russia. I tried to find good cigar retailer and wanna try your tnt band!

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