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The Big Payback Connecticut Cigar Review

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Now That Matt Booth is getting out of the cigar business, should you stock up on The Big Payback Connecticut? Check out LeeMack912’s review and see.

According to

“In 2014, Room101 announced a regular release cigar called The Big Payback. The idea was that brand owner Matt Booth wanted to give back to the customers for their loyalty and getting the brand where it was. The Big Payback was the idea, coming in three sizes—two quite large—and all very reasonably priced.

Fast forward two years, and Booth has released a new blend in the series, this time featuring a Connecticut wrapper. Coming in the same three sizes the original blend launched with, prices are slightly higher than the MSRP of the original series, though marginally so and still much cheaper than you would expect to see these priced at.

Chavala (5 x 50) — $5.50 (Boxes of 50, $275.00)
Hueso (6 x 60) — $6.50 (Boxes of 50, $325.00)
7×70 (7 x 70) — $7.50 (Boxes of 30, $225.00)

Country of Origin: Honduras
Factory: Agroindustria LAEPE S.A.
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic”

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  1. What's up lee mack912. Good review I'll have to get one. Glad to see you are better keep the faith cuz.

  2. Good video Lee Mack have a great week!

  3. I bought 5 of the 5×50's off cigar bid for $12 and I've had one and found it enjoyable for a mild cigar… I also have one of the 7×70's in my humidor… I'm honored to say I've smoked one of the original ones you sent me 🙂

  4. Going to rub it in a little. Today's high was 74 an Sunny here in Bama,So rode New to me motorcycle out to my favorite spot on the local lake spent a buck feeding the ducks while smokin a Dark Horse, Looked around an thanked God for placing me so well yeah, I run a lawn care service for my beans bills an gar's but wouldn't trade places with anybody,Family it's been a A plus Good day here in Bama blessings for All

  5. this is for the unappropriate comments are below relax men there are bigger issues in our life then to argue over the net. God BLESS ALL.

  6. Hearing the title of the cigar makes me think of James Brown.

  7. leemack is back that's what's up .man u Geting close to 2thousand sub you deserve more my brother for real

  8. The bank Vice President story is so true. Life lessons. How you treat people is exactly where it's at. As I've said…. there's no such thing as problems, only opportunities. Another great video. Mahalo family!

  9. Hey LeeMack, just to let you know your'e worldwide man. Always watch your reviews and views here in Ireland , 9 degrees c here or 48 to you, enjoying a Gurkha ghost exorcist and a dram of Glendalough small batch Whiskey . Wise words sir, keep up the great work! Today is a good day!

  10. Another good review my friend. I like that cigar , a nice morning smoke , goes well with coffee or anytime.

  11. Great wisdom and review! I've had this one in my humidor for a couple of months. I don't care for mild cigars but I may try it with a coffee in the morning.

  12. great video brother take care and as you say have a great day

  13. I've been saving a special one for a really good day, and this feels like it. I have a few Maduros that are beginning to plume, and a Ruination that is looking too good to wait for. (pics on /r/cigars)

    No point in saving it if something happens and you never get to smoke it, right? This one's for you LeeMack.

  14. always enjoy your videos my brother

  15. Good to see your well and back …

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