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The Best Lighter In The World Clipper Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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The Best Lighter In The World Clipper Lighter

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The Best Lighter In The World Clipper Lighter

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  1. That Kim jun ung lookin ass nigga is extra af smh /.-

  2. Y'all talking alot but ain't saying shit. Buncha idiots

  3. You are a bunch of idiots if you like this your dumb because drugs are bad idiots

  4. ?

    Seems like the average refillable lighters U loud ass niggers

  5. Clipper lighters are by far the best tasting lighters. However BICs are the most reliable. Clippers on the other hand..

  6. “You can use ‘em over and over and over again, like an ex-girlfriend that did you wrong but wants to win your heart back.” 😂 I’m weak, being stoned somehow magically got me here & I wasn’t disappointed. 😈

  7. big guy laugh sound just like ksi

  8. Nah clipper lighters are trash

  9. you mean BIC lighters

  10. Sorry to burst the bubble, but the only truly best lighter is the classic zippo. You simply can't go wrong with a true American classic to light your bowl.

  11. you guys know you can refill bic lighters too right…

  12. 3 tokes= shot to bits
    Light weights?

  13. Just when I'm shoppin for shit and look up what that product is yall be knowin TeamLoadedUp 🙌🏾

  14. clippers have always been my favorite, adjustable flame, the shape of the wheel. when i saw the refillable it cemented that belief as far as budget lighters go

  15. How high are you guys? Best lighter?
    So much verity? Bix has 1000s of lighter designs. Replacement flint? Zippo has that (with the verity too)
    The flame gets bigger? It does that on every butane lighter ever made.
    These lighters are no diffrent then any other lighter other then their shape. And if your going to buy a lighter for a shape, or because 3 high guys say its the best lighter ever. Thats pretty sad

  16. Im sorry but the person on the right looks like a knock off version of snoop.

  17. Eine Gruppe aus voll losern hahahah die nach 3 Zügen high sind und der fettsack pafft die Züge noch dazu was für spaßten

  18. My homie has that clipper in the thumbnail

  19. if you have 2 clippers, than you can grind your flower with the bottom

  20. Oh shit is that the Stattrak Lighter | Fade ?

  21. Dude on the right making me sleepy

  22. Too bad I be losing lighters every other day

  23. These guys thinking the clipper lighter is cool because you can refill it but are you aware of the ZIPPO lighter

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