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The Best Cigar Cutter In The World?

Posted by in Cigar Review

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My review of the Cuban Crafters Scissors cigar cutter. Link to their website to buy one very reasonably:


  1. I just bought it for 10 bucks on Amazon, but only found the steel version,
    not the black, which I would of preferred. I hope I am pleased with it,
    but it is a bit on the large size.

  2. Thanks for the video! 😀
    Its currently out of stock there >_<''

  3. As always, thanks for the info. I am in the market for a cigar cutter. So
    this was timely for me. 

  4. DOH-S-KA-BA-YOSS proper way to pronounce it lol had me cracking up the
    whole video. 

  5. That little tab thing goes towards the cigar, otherwise is leaves that nub.

  6. Give me shivers just thinking about it. That bitch should have gone to jail
    for at least twenty years.

  7. dos is a great find…thank you! ive been a cigar aficionado
    for many years and always looking for more great web sites

  8. haha right me too.

  9. @SmokeRingsPipeDreams No problem! Hey thanks for making these videos, I’ve
    watched nearly all of yours and after seeing this cutter I ordered it right
    away. If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t have ever found out about

  10. @belmontb12 I looked at a lot of websites before I found this one with such
    an excellent price.

  11. That looks like an awesome cutter! I think I’ll get one! Dos Caballos means
    “Two Horses” in Spanish. If you want to sound all Rico Suave, you can
    pronounce it “Dose (dose of medicine) Cab (catch a cab) Eye (yeah)
    Yos(imite Sam)”

  12. @Azaelius It is all metal Sir! Thank you for the question, I will annotate
    the video about that. Cheers, kel

  13. @FountainBunny The pipe wood question is addressed extensively though in my
    How to smoke a pipe series.

  14. You’re welcome, thanks for watching!

  15. 1:50 just earned you another subscriber my friend.

  16. I buy 1 pice and he distory 2 cigars…not good…

  17. Cuban crafters has great products i live near one here in daytona beach
    florida and miguel the owner stands behind.his products if you have an issue

  18. he was cutting it so many times to show that if you mess up with the first
    cut you can do it again and hopefully have a better cut 🙂

  19. @astroman2112 You’re welcome Sir, I’m always glad to bring something cool
    to you guys! Cheers, Kel

  20. Hey Kel, is it true that sometimes it doesnt give an even cut? As the third
    blade is below the first two?

  21. Nice cutter! I have one from CubanCrafters that came with a combo deal I
    bought a few months ago, although it’s the cheapest one they have and it’s
    mostly plastic….but it works…for now. I’m a bargain hunter, always on
    the prowl for the best deal I can find. 😉 ~D

  22. Just ordered a Cuban crafters unique guillotine and an all leather two
    finger cigar case for $30 with free shipping. That’s unbeatable, thanks for
    the link!

  23. dose cav ihos,,LOL it means 2 horses kel

  24. @vasypher You’re welcome Alex, always glad to help!

  25. @juvetaz you’re welcome Sir!

  26. @DoWhatIDus69 It was hotter than hell out that day. 🙂

  27. are you videoing this on the sun haha

  28. Cuban crafters are making some really great cutters! After checking out the
    site…WOW! FRACTION! on a side note…I think cutters in the future would
    be laser powered, lol! Like a light saber cutter, now that would be cool!

  29. @Azaelius The blades on mine will move when fully open and if I shake the
    cutter I can hear them hitting against each other but when fully closed
    they don’t. Send it back with a note telling them what’s happening. Cheers,

  30. This cutter is not that good! I was impressed to see this video and
    couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. I’ve had mine for about 8 months now
    and can honestly say it’s unimpressive. I’ll go back to my double blade
    guillotine cutter.

  31. I have been looking for a cutter like this for FOREVER, i was half tempted
    to work up a desighn and send it in until i found your video. Thank you so

  32. it also great for cutting peoples fingers off…

  33. my questions that i would love to have answered: 1) what type of wood or
    other material is your opinion best for smoking a pipe? 2) whwere in the
    world does pipe tobacco usually come from? 3) what is a good tobacco in
    your opinion for after dinner, in the morning, before bed? 4) if you could
    smoke a pipe quietly with anyone living or dead ( not including friends or
    relatives) who would they be?

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