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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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The Alec Bradley Black Market – Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Thanks thegreek314! Gave this one am 8 out of 10. Not bad! This video may contain bad impressions of celebrities. Viewer discretion is advised. THUMB IT UP! …

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  1. Good review, pretry much felt the same about the Toro.

    For longest ash I’d go with a wet Dominican puro, preferably in a perfecto
    shape. Definitely don’t use a Nicaraguan. Gl!

  2. Good review ! Without a doubt you gotta take the Entubar from Berger &
    Argenti for the contest . I can almost smoke the entire cigar without the
    ash falls off when i smoke one and i take care !

  3. @GibsonGuitar44 Hahah. Thanks! And totally just realized I misspelled “Alec

  4. @pipemannow Hey Chris! Just saw your comment. Thanks for the shout out!
    Gonna find the video now. And glad ya liked the review!

  5. Very nice review! I’ve been waiting for you to review this stick since your
    humidor video. I love this stick! Just did a review on it myself not too
    long ago. It’s interesting to me that you are saying that it’s a light
    cigar. I have the robusto size and it’s a lot more medium/full to me.

  6. @CigarsAreBest Thanks man! And the 64 Padron is awesome. Very tasty cigar.
    The cigar everyone used was a Casa Magna Colorado robusto. I won! The nub
    left on wy cigar when it fell was 3/4 of an inch!

  7. in my experience, you could use the Padron 1964 Anniversary. I only smoked
    the natural, not the maduro, but due to it’s impeccable construction the
    ash held up about half way through the cigar (corona size), and i smoked
    outdoors. Good look in the contest!

  8. Unband the damn thing ya girl

  9. god damn that was awesome hahaha

  10. @Gdrake0228 Thanks man! And the contest is gonna involve a pre chosen cigar
    by the owner that everyone can afford. Don’t know what it’s gonna be. Maybe
    I’ll video the contest!

  11. I really enjoy your reviews. I would try a Padron 7000 or a Tatuaje “The
    Face” for the long ash contest.

  12. I have always had good luck with the Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro. Very
    larger ash and taste’s great to boot!

  13. Thanks for the review buddy. Once you said maduro wrapper, I was there for
    it, ha. I like a medium to stronger spicy smoke. By the way, I put in a
    shoutout to you in my newest video as promised, ha. Cheers! Chris

  14. got my g/f to get into cigars w/ this stick ( the toro size ) The toro size
    offers much more coffee flavors but the smoke is too light/airy for my
    taste. I prefer the tempus or prensado. Good review

  15. @boriscigarreviews Thanks man! This was pretty light on the flavor. But
    nonetheless was pretty good. With it was more full bodied. But oh well.

  16. I know your contest is well over, but check out the Wynwood 2012. Very nice
    long ash.

  17. @Taylormadecigar They don’t have it there 🙁

  18. @dominique4739 That’s awesome! I’ll see if they have them tonight when I go
    there again.

  19. @dt14554 I love the original Edge. But the maduro is really good too. I’ll
    do some experimenting with ashes. Lol

  20. You take to long to get started bud its not science hurry up

  21. @PJSeg52 Thanks man. And you have an awesome girlfriend!

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