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The 5 Best Cigars for New Cigar Smoker

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Charles Walhingford with the assistance of The Tobacco Company of Lemoyne, Pennsylvania gives his favorite or top cigar recommendations for a beginner cigar smoker. This list is not “Top Five list but rather a progression of stages and levels or a “How To” for Rookie Cigar smokers.
Cigar Brand featured:
Drew Estate
My Fathers


  1. Good vid mate! Lot of good information on your channel thank you

  2. Oliva G is good but the Oliva V is my favorite

  3. Thank you for all the great videos, very informative.

  4. i started smoking cigars few yrs ago,tried many different kinds and sizes but i dont get all the different tastes everyone always talks about. How can i?

  5. I asked a tobacco shop owner which cigar he recommended for my first and he suggested a Romeo y Julieta 1875. I've been turned on ever since. One thing I learned the hard way was that there are some expensive cigars worth the money and others that are not. Try what you like and don't be afraid of sampler packs; they can introduce you to some nice smokes.

  6. im new to cigar smoking and wanted to know is a backwood cigar even considered quality and or cafe creams

  7. everything My Father makes is wonderful

  8. Thanks for videos Charles, as newish smoker its been very helpful my only problem is finding these sticks in the UK

  9. The first cigar I smoked was a gift from my dad, it was a Rocky Patel. It was probably too strong for my first smoke. Last week I bought a couple Baccarat cigars and smoked them with a few of my buddies and had a much more enjoyable experience. I plan on experimenting with some new cigars here soon. Thanks for your videos, they're very helpful for a beginner like myself

  10. seems like hes comparing strength and body as the same thing….when that is definitely NOT the case

  11. im already a heavy cigarette smoker and ive smoked cigars before and loved them but have not had one in years which cigar would you suggest i start with?

  12. My first cigar was a romeo y julieta real reserva Churchill and I felt fine after the 2 hour smoke I really enjoyed it im wanting to get something different time would be a good recommendation I'm looking at the Cornelius an Anthony Cornelius corona gorda.

  13. Anyone know the name of the song in the beginning?

  14. how about the romeo y julieta reserva real? That one was pretty light and it had a creaminess to it.

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