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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. No I had their machine made box pressed cigars they come in a 5 pack. they
    were pretty good for what they were. sorta tasted like a hand made but way
    better then a black & mild or something no chemical taste at all

  2. mmmm, sounds like that would go well with my coffee in the morning.

  3. It probably would go well with a cup of coffee

  4. It was very pleasing because it tasted like a cigar with a light vanilla
    bean flavor – it also tasted kinda cheap but not that bad – I would smoke
    more of them, I forget the name — I may have the other premium cigar from
    the line in my video – I wanted to say VILLIGER – the sumatra and vanilla
    ther’s more flavors but those tow were told to me to be the best & were
    free samples – the others in the line I’ve had a couple and they were
    alright – a tad overpriced on Keystone but not too bad.

  5. I had a few Villiger cigars they are decent =)

  6. U had any of their premium lines – Not that bad.

  7. I’m looking for a sample pack of Tatiana’s. I’ve tried the Rum and Congac,
    but to buy them as singles is to expensive (I got them for 7 bucks each…)

  8. How was the Vanilla? =)

  9. I too would love to find a sample pack of Tatiana’s!

  10. Now you gonna make me have to step on the porch with another full bodies
    cigar. Tatiana cigars are among the best of the flavored lines – I did try
    some new ones by another manufacturer but youtube video was eating up my
    videos when I made them – one was vanilla and the other I don’t recall.

  11. Just FYI, I found this site SeriousCigars(dot)com that sells Tatiana
    singles for 2 bucks each. I got myself one of everything for under 30 bucks
    including shipping. Every other site sells boxes or bundles.

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