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Tasting Padron 1926 with Elizabeth from Cigar Masters

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Elizabeth from Cigar Masters Providence samples the Padron 1926. The rarest of the tobacco blends from Padron, this is one of Elizabeth’s fav’s. It is found …

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  1. Fuck she is beautiful 

  2. never heard of that before, cooool, but not all cigars come with cedar

  3. damn shame the cigar is so expensive and hard to find

  4. ah but it should be in the box, if not, shouldn’t be hard to find.

  5. that girl is hotttttttttttttttttttttttt as helllll its not rare to find it
    in my shop, i smoke the 80 year regularly

  6. First time watching these video reviews but I must say Elizabeth may be the
    most beautiful woman I have ever seen. PERIOD!

  7. failed to mention a few things, was it a maduro or natural? i personally
    found the maduro to be more to my taste, also i’ve only smoked the larger
    torpedo sizes, haven’t been able to find robusto yet.

  8. She neglected to toast the cigar and get her “corona” going

  9. Elizabeth is hot!

  10. I don’t think the music is loud enough.

  11. Great stick. But Boston still SUCKS!

  12. burnt suger? how does that taste? and i thought matches took longer then
    that to use

  13. Smoking girls are so fucking SEXY!

  14. i love those cigars

  15. Never smoke inside a humidor. The smoke will corrupt the taste of any cigar
    it touches thats sitting on the shelf

  16. NICE BIT OF INFO – !!

  17. As usual Elizabeth is hot as hell. 5 *

  18. now that’s a great cigar

  19. i love this cigar except when i bought a box it had a lot more bad ones
    than good ones … the good one are great but the bad one either draw like
    trying to drink from a straw with a hole on the side or they have so much
    more damn lumber than tobacco ….its like they say … they sell what they
    dont smoke , now i know they were not joking

  20. Elizabeth is Delicious

  21. Elizabeth, how can you inhale? I’ve smoked cigars for over 20 years and
    would cough up a lung if I ever inhaled.

  22. that girl is too cute

  23. what did she forget to do?

  24. Yes, good cigar and quite an adorable lady. Quite.

  25. y’s dude always talking? he needs to let elizabeth speak damn!!

  26. he’s a fuck tard……

  27. To whoever edited this video, During the portions of this video in which
    Brandon and Liz are speaking, turn the music down! The music in videos such
    as these should be something used to accentuate what we’re seeing and the
    voices we’re hearing; not a competitor in the contest to be heard (an issue
    that plagues the other wise very enjoyable Cigar Masters videos.)

  28. Elizabeth is stunning! More reviews featuring her please!

  29. p.s. you’re supposed to light cedar first and use the cedar to light the

  30. man u guys make me very very extremely deadly jealous now!!:( I wanna have
    the same job:) smoking and trying out cigars for a living! shiet man I envy
    you 🙂 hehehe

  31. ha ! u cant get cuban cigars in usa unlike here in my country

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