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Tasting Notes – Sutliffs Crumble Kake Series –

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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In this episode of Tasting Notes, Shane takes a closer look at the trio of excellent blends in Sutliff’s Crumble Kake series: Red Virginia, Virginia Perique, and English #1. Each mixture in this series features a rich, aged red Virginia base, with condiment leaves added to enhance and bring out the nuanced flavor of that tangy foundation. They’re also, of course, all in crumble cake form, which means they offer a matured, plug-like flavor right out of the tin, but are much easier to work with and pack on the go. Watch Shane’s full review for more details about these fantastic tobaccos.

Any Sutliff fans out there? Anyone tried these three crumble cakes yet? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Ordered the. English and the periaue based on review. Periaue was ok, but did not pick up the notes you did. The english blend i love. I like full body cigars, this is the first pipe tobacco that comes close to say a padron. Loved aroma, very beefy, very solid, perfect after a steak dinner blend. .slow burning too. .very tasty. Will order more

  2. could you guys do a tasting notes on the cornell & diehl jolly old saint Nicholas??

  3. Always Awesome didn’t know the pressed tobacco had less aging due to its manufacturing Thanks Shane

  4. Great review Shane. Thanks a lot.

  5. Shane, I find you very well spoken when discussing the advantages of a crumble cake compared to a standard cut.

    Thank you for your expertise as always! I always appreciate your logistical approach to tobaccos. Hype and trends be dammed!!, you look for the components that are ageless and universal. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and input.

  6. Thanks gonna try them. You should say how much they cost

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