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TALKING CIGARS: Cuban Cigars [ Should I Smoke This ]

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In this episode of “Talking Cigars,” I give you the truth about Cuban cigars. People ask me questions about Cubans ALL THE TIME! Here’s what you need to know. Hopefully this helps you shift your focus a bit. Enjoy!


  1. Of course there are two sides to every story: the American market was always a huge part of the Cuban cigar demand before the embargo, but that was a long time — actually 60 years ago — when the vast majority of cigars in America were mediocre at best. Over 2 or 3 generations, the overall demand for cigars plummeted in America, but those people who continued to smoke them looked towards those markets that were secondary at the time of the embargo — Jamaica, the DR, Honduras — that eventually attracted the old Cuban houses or grew their own talent, resulting in a plethora of smaller, higher end producers. So you're right — (real) Cubans are fine smokes and may have their distinctive qualities but given the overall improvement of what is produced elsewhere they are hardly worth the prices that they command. And given that virtually all of us at this point were weaned on other well made cigars the only thing they have left is the forbidden aroma of their faded reputation.

  2. What a great video man. I’m from London so have access to all Cubans. What are your top 5 Cubans?

  3. I thought Cuban Cigars in Duty Free shops in airports outside of the US were legit. Is that not the case?

  4. You sound very knowledgeable and very uneducated at the same time if that's possible.

  5. I think saying Cubans aren't worth the purchase because you might get green cigars is ridiculous. Plenty of aged great Cubans to buy.

  6. My neighbor buys Cuban rounds at a local store. I didn't break the bad news to him. He believes they're real Havana Cubans .

  7. Very informative and well articulated! Thanks!!

  8. I've even seen fake Cubans cut open and its complete CRAP inside. Floor sweeping, hair, paper, pieces of plastic… you wouldnt even want to SMOKE that thing, fake or otherwise! Ugh!

  9. I think you are off the mark on flavor. I usually keep around 1000 Cubans in my humidor at any given time and the flavors are more diverse and complex than you state. To give a few examples of profiles in general by label…

    Romeo – floral, cherry, wood, white pepper and leather

    Ramon Allones – apricot, fig, earth, cinnamon and nutmeg

    Cohiba – Lemongrass, honey, hay, coffee and leather

    Montecristo – chocolate, cream, coffee, black and white pepper, cinnamon, and earth

    Hoyo de Monterrey – Cream, leather, earth, butter, rosemary, and black pepper

    As you can see, much more to the flavor wheel than presented. Maybe not some people’s profile but flavorful, complex, and when purchased by the box, they can be cheaper!

  10. If you are very serious about getting some Cubans cigar plan a trip to cuba. But purchase only from a official state Habano shop. You will be only allowed to bring back 100 cigar. AND they will definitely need time in the humidor after purchasing them. I had a great time in cuba can't wait to get back. Do Not buy off the streets in cuba.I hope this helps someone.

  11. Excellent video 🔥🔥🔥 keep up the good work !!

  12. I honestly have no desire to purchase/smoke a Cuban cigar when you consider what we can get from Nicaragua – Dominican Rep – Honduras.

  13. I totally agree! I only had access to hondurans and cubans in the 90s and honestly, it was hit an miss… often you'd get bitter cigars but when they're good – peppery and leathery. Nowadays, Nicaraguan cigars are at a new level of flavors and burn quality. Definitely hats off to AJ Fernandez for setting a new standard.

  14. I totally get what your saying regarding Cubans, to me it's similar to Italian neapolitan pizza and New York pizza.

  15. Trust me Aruba has them. They are basically a Dutch territory and it’s like being in Europe. Yes they are magical after a year in the humidor, terrible within a year.

  16. Very well stated. None have crossed my palette yet and it seems there are few reasons to go chase some done. Maybe when shipping them becomes legal. Sports betting is legit now so we can be hopeful.

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